Commercial data management and insights platform, STRATA, shows scalability as biopharmaceutical company launches multiple rare disease treatments over 3 years

About Customer:

A biopharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of rare and ultrarare diseases.

The Challenge:

This biopharmaceutical company develops treatments for small populations of patients dealing with rare diseases. Given the company’s commitment to serving such targeted populations, significant investments must be made to understand prescriber and patient trends. Consequently, each individual patient represents a significant percentage of the company’s revenue and can have a large impact on the company’s bottom line.

When planning to go to market with its first product, the company wanted a central solution to collect and manage raw data from healthcare professionals (HCP), health care organizations (HCO), patients, and employees. Having one central database filled with accurate data would allow teams from across the company—such as operations, finance, and commercial sales—to draw from the same data for planning and forecasting.

The Solution:

The biopharmaceutical company chose to build its data warehouse on STRATA from Acorn AI, a Medidata company. The company needed a reliable, powerful warehouse, but as a small company, it didn’t have the resources or expertise to build the infrastructure and ETL processes needed to run all of the data feeds.

With STRATA, the company gained a solution that allows it to integrate, enrich, and master data from disparate sources with speed, efficiency, and transparency.

STRATA is the only out-of-box solution in the industry with the kind of commercial data model solution that will get the company online quickly. Built-in automation and a simple user interface with the STRATA Command Center, which provides visibility and operational control over data, make it easier for the company to manage and understand data.

The company’s small IT team worked directly with experts at Acorn AI, who helped support the IT team and drive data strategy. During the first phase of deployment, Acorn AI helped set up automated processes, ingest data, and set up master data, including HCP, HCO, patient, and employee masters. During the second phase, the Acorn AI implementation team set up the groundwork for insights through specialty pharmacy (SP) data aggregation. While the biopharmaceutical company originally contracted with another provider for SP aggregation, there were issues with quality, accuracy, and timeliness almost daily. This created a great deal of extra work for the company. The Director of Information Technology saw the quality and rigor that Acorn AI brought to other data feeds and asked Acorn AI to take over the project for ongoing SP aggregation support.

“Acorn AI has been extremely valuable to our company, both through its powerful data management platform and the value that its knowledgeable team of experts has brought to us,” says the Director of Information Technology. “We tried working with other vendors, but Acorn AI has the stability and expertise that helps us do things the right way by getting accurate results that we need the first time.”

The Results:

The biopharmaceutical company has found great success through its partnership with Acorn AI over the past three years. Acorn AI supported the company for a second product launch, and a third product is expected to be ready for launch soon.

Working with STRATA gives the biopharmaceutical company a central location for accurate data and insights that all teams need to align patient data with company operations. Knowing exactly how many patients are receiving treatments, when they will need their next dose, and who might be starting or ending treatment allows the company to plan manufacturing, coordinate shipments, and manage inventory much more effectively.

Teams can trust that the master data is clean and accurate due to strong matching and deduplication of the STRATA solution. This is particularly important when working with smaller patient populations with rare diseases, as each individual patient makes up a larger percentage of business.

The ongoing engagement with the Acorn AI team gives the small biopharmaceutical company the extra resources and expert support that it needs to integrate and harmonize all its data sources. The company does not have to worry about hiring experienced data experts to manage the master data. Teams trust that Acorn AI provides high-quality support, leading to more accurate operational planning and greater efficiencies for the company.

Product launches supported in 3 years