Rave Perform

Rave Perform

Measure, manage, and improve your trial execution performance, effortlessly.

Rave Perform capitalizes on the industry’s largest clinical trial repository, alongside your existing Rave data, to enable comparisons of your performance against industry benchmarks at disease and country levels. You can also compare your performance against other sponsors or CROs and get continuously updated benchmarks against the industry for cycle times, enrollment, cost, and quality. This turnkey, user-friendly solution frees up time taken by inefficient data crunching, so you can focus on data-driven improvement strategies across your trial portfolio. Rave Perform enables a strategic, cross-portfolio diagnostic view across all your trials that allows you to conduct multi-level drill-down for root cause analysis and track performance over time. 

It’s your data. Use it to your performance advantage.

Why Rave Perform?

Your Data Delivered in No Time

Your data is available in real time and immediately cross-referenced against the industry’s largest clinical trial data repository. You get an effortless snapshot of your trial execution performance and efficiency, benchmarked alongside your peers. Rave Perform eliminates tedious operational oversight.

Cross-Portfolio View

Extract more value out of your Rave data with performance analysis across your entire trial portfolio. This big-picture approach lets you accurately measure, manage, and optimize your systems and outcomes over time.

Powerfully Intuitive

Rave Perform is turnkey, providing a quick visualization of your performance via quantitative, objective metrics measured and standardized similarly across our rich industry dataset. You get it all in a user-friendly interface. Simply view your entire portfolio, view performance by disease area and country, and drill down into specific studies and sites.

Rave Perform executive dashboard with operational insights that help companies accelerate treatments to market