MEDS Reporter

MEDS Reporter

A Single Source for Your Data

MEDS Reporter is available as part of the Medidata Clinical Cloud, our innovative and data-driven unified platform that connects all Medidata products and solutions.

MEDS Reporter allows users to create, view, and schedule reports that contain data from multiple products and studies on the Medidata Clinical Cloud.  MEDS Reporter provides a consolidated view of key data and metrics across multiple studies in real-time.

Your Data, When and Where you Need It

Why MEDS Reporter?

Greater Efficiency

Users can pull standard reports across multiple studies, as well as build customizable and reusable reports. Rather than manually pulling reports for each study, users can easily pull all the data they need together in one report. This increases efficiency and reduces the chance of human error.

Increased Transparency

MEDS Reporter has over 30 standard reports and allows system administrators to see who has access to what data within the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud. More available data gives you more visibility into how your trials are performing, and ensures each user has appropriate access to data.

Actionable Insights

An intuitive interface gives you unparalleled access to cross-study and cross product report views, with drag and drop functionality and customizable user access. Our powerful database lets you generate reports faster, and time out less frequently.