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This course gives an overview of Rave’s Clinical data extraction techniques using Medidata Rave Web Services, a set of transactional data exchange interfaces in Medidata products that support data integration using open web APIs.

Participants learn key topics by writing SQL queries and accessing clinical views in a training environment.

Attendees will learn:

  • The access needed for data extraction using Rave Configurable DataSets
  • An Overview of the Rave Object Model
  • Basic Data Extraction using SQL with Rave
  • How to convert data extracted via Rave Configurable DataSets into other formats such as CSV and XML

This course is taught on the latest released version of Rave.

Maximum number of attendees: 10

Course Type

Instructor-led Web-based


Outputs Specialists, Programmers


2 consecutive half day sessions  




Rave EDC (Legacy)

Training Units

*For Remote training sessions, an additional service fee of $21 per student/per day for each day will be applied.


Please review the Medidata Academy Training Delivery Cancellation Policy prior to scheduling.

Course Outline - Rave Configurable DataSets