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Email Alerts is a feature that sends email notifications to the specified recipients based on study events that occur in Rave EDC. Email notifications may be sent before or after the planned date of an event.

This course in intended for individuals who require notifications about upcoming or outstanding subject EDC data. Attendees will learn to:

  • Configure a singular alert
  • Configure multiple alerts
  • Modify alerts

This course is taught on the latest released version of Rave.

Please note: As of 15 August 2011, Rave Email Alerts training is included as part of SDBE training. If you plan to take SDBE training, you do not need to take the Email Alerts training course separately.

Maximum number of attendees: 10

Course Type

Instructor-led Web-based


Data Managers, Study Designers/Builders, Study Managers


30 mins


English, Japanese


Rave EDC (Legacy)

Training Units



Please review the Medidata Academy Training Delivery Cancellation Policy prior to scheduling.

Course Outline - Rave Email Alerts