PPC Group

PPC group was founded in 1997, provides professional services for clinical studies to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. PPCgroup offers clinical and laboratory services in China, Taiwan (China), Korea and Japan. Since 1997, PPC has completed over 2000 early phase trials, including innovative phase I pharmacokinetic, generic bioequivalence and biosimilar studies, to pharmaceuticals companies. In addition, PPCgroup has conducted over 400 innovative phase II-IV trials, covering all 24 therapeutic arenas.  We have been audited more than 30 times by numerous regulatory authorities, including FDA, PMDA, CFDA, ANSM, NPRA, TFDA and etc.

To fulfill harmonized bioequivalence standard for phase I clinical site, PPC group has set up a phase I center in Taipei MacKay memorial Hospital in 2012; and co-found a phase I center with Xuzhou Medical Hospital in early 2017. Combining the strength of Xuzhou Medical University, PPC has established strong early phase drug development especially in the bioavailability and bioequivalence research field over the past two decades. In 2018, PPC had set up 3 more dedicated Phase I Units in Xuzhou Central Hospital, Huangshi Central Hospital and Shanghai Pudong People’s Hospital.