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Speedbump, or a Wall? Medidata’s Joe Dustin Talks mHealth in CenterWatch Monthly

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Deploying wearable devices in global clinical studies offer the promise of better, more cost-efficient data for clinical trial sponsors, but what about the infrastructure behind the massive volumes of data? Unreliable cell network coverage in certain markets? Wearables’ ability to collect reliable, validated endpoint data?

In a recent article in The CenterWatch Monthly, Medidata Principal of mHealth Joe Dustin discussed how trial sponsors are overcoming perceived challenges, but he also raised an interesting prospect for for global mHealth trials:

“In developing markets, traditional data collection can just be skipped. The idea of using digital endpoints and wearables is just what they’re starting with in many cases. That surprised me, [because] the primary markets I thought would be doing this were the U.S. and Europe, which is where everything starts.”

“Overall, the complexity of the changing regulation and laws around data privacy is impacting the globalization of clinical trials,” Joe continued. “It’s complicated depending on where you go but a lot of times it’s more a speed bump than a wall.”

Jacob Angevine