Medidata CSA Certified Analyst

Medidata CSA Certified Analyst

Description: Centralized Statistical Analytics (CSA) is an advanced clinical data analysis and visualization tool that uses proprietary machine-learning algorithms and high-dimensional analytics to identify trends and unusual data in studies. The Centralized Statistical Analytics (CSA) track recognizes Data Managers, Central Monitors, Field Monitors, Medical Reviewers, and Statisticians who have successfully completed training on how to use CSA. Trainees learn to effectively view and analyze data and identify study areas that require the most focus or improvement at the site or patient level. Understanding how to maximize CSA’s capabilities allows you to optimize data management and clinical risk management. You can also leverage CSA as part of a targeted risk-based monitoring (RBM) strategy.

Prerequisite Courses*:

Introduction to CSA and Statistical Methodology (eLearning)
CSA Basic Navigation (eLearning)
Medidata CSA: End User Training (ILT)

*Prerequisite courses must be taken on the track’s current available version, otherwise upgrade training may be required.

*This track requires passing of the exam and capstone to complete certification

Exam Details: 36-question exam offered in English, with a maximum duration of 120 minutes.

This exam is currently unavailable as part of the Certification exam migration from Rave to Gauge Online. For more information please see this announcement.

To enroll, please contact your Medidata Project Manager/Representative. They will facilitate your enrollment and access to the required prerequisites.

*Please note that the Certification Exams have migrated to a new ‘at will’ exam site that allows candidates to take the exam at a time that is convenient for them, within 60 days of registration.*

If you have any questions please email the Certification team at

Capstone: The Medidata Capstone is the final stage in the CSA Certified Analyst track. The Capstone is an assessment that consists of several scenarios which apply concepts from topics covered in previous courses, allowing the candidates to demonstrate their competency in analyzing and identifying trends and unusual data in studies. Upon completion of the prerequisite training and successful completion of the certification exam, the candidate will be assigned the Capstone to fulfill the certification requirements. You must complete the Capstone and submit the deliverable within 10 business days from the date of the assignment.


All exam schedules are subject to change. To pursue a Medidata Professional Certification, please contact your Medidata project manager or send an email to