Edge Study Feasibility

Edge Study Feasibility

Unlock new country and site feasibility strategies.

A data-driven feasibility study provides the objectivity you need to get your clinical study off on the best possible footing. Edge Study Feasibility increases your chances of running a successful trial by helping you build a sound country strategy and selecting the best-performing facilities worldwide based on the industry’s largest clinical trial repository. Combined with Design Optimizer and Site Grants, you’ll have the data-driven insights needed to improve clinical trial feasibility and ultimately execute your trial.

Don’t let your country strategy undermine your clinical study.

Optimize country selection by vetting all options

A data-driven feasibility study adds certainty and efficiency to the country and site selection. Leverage our industry-leading site performance data to search and filter facilities by phase, therapeutic area, indication, and country. The tool’s simple and easy- to- use interface will improve your site strategies and help you discover new facilities.

Use deep data to select the best facilities worldwide

Now you can surface standardized facility performance metrics across studies to get a truly objective view of potential test sites. Then, leverage our industry-leading data set to make more informed country selections to give your study the best chance of success from the start.

Forecast patient recruitment and enrollment based on site recommendations

Use our robust performance data to accurately predict patient recruitment worldwide. Then, reach target enrollment faster by selecting the highest-performing countries and sites, while also reducing the cost of low and non-enrolling sites.