Webinar: How and Why Celgene Adopted Medidata Rave eCOA

On Demand Webinar

How and Why Celgene Adopted Medidata Rave eCOA

If your company is looking to adopt a new eCOA solution or have issues with your current one, this webinar is a must watch. Companies of all sizes will be able to learn from how Celgene made the case internally for change by redefining their implementation strategy for collection of clinical outcome assessment data (eCOA). This incredibly informative webinar will delve deeply into Celgene’s adoption of Medidata eCOA solution and address:

  • What were the business problems and how were solutions achieved
  • How did the organization buy in to the idea for change
  • What were the key metrics Celgene used to measure success
  • What was the partnership between Clinical Operations and Clinical Data Management
  • When does the cost of keeping with the status quo, exceed the cost of change

Featured Speakers

Diane Gardner

Director of Data Management

Diane’s career in Data Management spans over 30 years with experience at both CRO and sponsor organizations. Diane was a co-lead on the implementation of RaveX, Coder and Patient Cloud at Celgene and has taken on the role of eCOA Manager. In this role she supports not only Patient Cloud module, but all eCOA related technology and processes. She liaises with cross functional teams to provide guidance for evaluation of eCOA technology for use in studies.


Stacy Dabin
Director, Clinical Programming, Rave

Stacy is the programming business owner for Medidata Rave and associated modules. She liaises within the business roles and works closely with the IT team to provide support to internal and external users of CDMS platforms. She plays a key role in working with the functional owners on processes from development to implementation. She is also responsible for identifying metric trends and proactively proposing areas for improvement as related to Rave Platform. She provides leadership over the Rave Global Library, Standards Liaison and operational systems.


Joe Dustin
Director, eCOA & Mobile Health

Joe is a known technical and business expert as well as a speaker and influencer on mobile health and an advocate of patient centricity for the clinical trials industry. For more than 15 years, he has been leading efforts to transform the patient experience in clinical trials using mobile apps, wearables and biosensors. Joe previously worked at CRF Health and etrials before joining Medidata where he has held various roles over the past 10 years.