Life Sciences innovations that turn the virtual into reality.

See how our solutions work in unison to accelerate life changing therapies for patients everywhere.

Drive transformational change with best-in-class solutions – from discovery to commercialization.

Go beyond with a connected ecosystem to get to market faster and improve the quality of life.

Go beyond with trusted expertise.

Lead confidently by mitigating risk and getting to market faster with our unmatched regulatory partnerships and vast team of scientists with experience in pharma, data science, oncology, biostatistics, and the FDA. Leverage their deep expertise to better inform utilization of materials from clinical R&D to engineering to lab execution to data-driven quality.

Power new drug development and next-gen therapeutics and make better decisions with the largest insight-fueled clinical trial dataset.

Increase efficiency with highly focused expertise knowing that many of our customers conducted studies 5 months faster.

In 2023, 65% of novel drugs approved by the FDA were supported by Dassault Systèmes Life Sciences platform solutions.

Go beyond with bold innovations.

Design more effective therapies and better predict efficacy and safety by harnessing virtual twin technology for simulation-driven in silico trials.

Get to market faster and advance patient outcomes by creating realistic, inorganic models from patient data to better simulate clinical studies.

Scale and respond to precision medicine and treatment needs by leveraging a virtual twin to more efficiently connect patients to products.

Seamlessly collaborate and optimize product life cycles by using connected digital technologies to identify and eliminate disconnected and manual processes.

Spearhead transformational change and move novel therapies, device design, and manufacturing closer to reality with the most advanced technology in the Life Sciences industry.

Go beyond to accelerate sustainability.

Lower manufacturing costs and reduce waste by implementing the most advanced virtual manufacturing simulation to boost efficiencies with its modular, predictive digital approach. Optimize and virtually test processes before improving a plant or building a costly new one.

Transform business processes in weeks, not years. For many customers, 3D virtual simulation has accelerated time to market significantly and reduced prototypes by 35%.

Reduce burdens to the planet and patients using decentralized clinical trials and remote monitoring which simplify logistics, improve recruitment, and broaden diversity.

Get life-like experience feedback prior to real-world development and manufacturing. Go from product to experience design while leveraging AI-driven, model-based systems engineering to test therapy models in simulated environments.

Create more agile, resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable operations with a modular distributed approach.

Go beyond for a unified experience.

Achieve higher levels of efficiency and safer patient outcomes with best-in-class quality control and assurance across your PML, enabling earlier prediction and prevention of setbacks in production and manufacturing. It’s now possible to reduce human error and QC time by 80% and improve total time to market by 25%.

Boost quality management and more effectively anticipate and overcome quality control and assurance challenges by optimizing operations with a connected cloud-based platform. In fact, it’s designed to improve quality planning from start to finish.

Achieve a holistic real-time vision of activity across your development process with the industry’s only unified, AI-everywhere connected ecosystem.

Empower higher productivity through seamless collaboration within your network of people, ideas, data, and solutions. Innovate and produce products more competitively within the best-in-class 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Accelerate medical breakthroughs with patient-centric technologies.

Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) Development

Achieve higher levels of efficiency and deliver safer patient outcomes with best-in-class quality control and assurance across the PML.

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CAR-T Treatment for Blood Cancers

Power new drug development with pre-clinical scientific expertise and the largest patient-level historical clinical trial dataset in the world.

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In Silico Trials

Design more effective therapies to better predict efficacy and safety by implementing virtual twin technology for simulation-driven in silico trials.

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