Accelerate Drug Discovery and Innovation

Laboratory informatics is being reinvented to support the different dimensions of the 21st-century lab.

Stop relying on point solutions addressing individual problems in the lab. Move seamlessly between all different dimensions to integrate and standardize everything across the entire organization.

ELNs, Knowledge, and Collaboration

Do you know where your data resides? How to locate it and share it?

70% of life sciences companies are moving from individual, separate applications to comprehensive platform solutions. Digitalize research, development, analytical, and QA/QC lab processes and connect analytical and process workflows end-to-end.

  • 20% faster project completion
  • 95% reduction in time spent looking for data

Materials and Inventory

Small or large, hazardous incidents are expensive.

The BIOVIA CISPro chemical inventory management system eliminates excess costs and inefficiencies associated with laboratory chemical inventories.

  • 80% of researchers rate real-time access to chemical inventory data as most beneficial capability after CISPro implementation
  • 50% time reduction per person saved on chemical and regulatory reporting

Interconnectivity and Standardization

Make all your lab data speak the same language to help scientists focus on science.

Standardize to ensure reproducible results and reuse of data. Automate processes to speed up workflows. Preserve data integrity and audit trails to improve compliance.

  • 85% reduction in data searching time
  • 85% improvement in data traceability
  • 30% reduction in raw material use

Materials Inventory Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance

Implementing a best-practices materials inventory solution enables critical time reduction searching inventory, researching materials, and ordering materials.

Reduce risks of incidents, facilitate regulatory compliance, improve workforce safety and protect your reputation.


Connecting Data Silos for Better Decisions

The journey to unify data collection and management globally across 2,000 scientists and 4,000 instruments.

From managing multiple ELN systems and LIMS to delivering smarter, easier to locate and re-use data across different phases of early discovery, R&D, and clinical and commercial manufacturing.

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