How to Leverage Virtual Twins in your Biomanufacturing Process

Manufacturing analytics improve processes, predict potential challenges, monitor quality control, and enhance overall efficiency.

Upon identifying recipes, specifications, and test methods, development teams perform tech transfers to exchange a digital replica of the optimal process for commercial manufacturing. This last step is extremely complex.

The Virtual Twin experience of the manufacturing process adds considerable value to any pharmaceutical or biotech organization. It facilitates collaboration, risk analyses, change assessments and predictive simulations, and supports a multitude of activities.

Achieve Quality and Business Excellence

Quality is essential for patient safety, treatment efficacy, sustainability, and protection of brand reputation. Automating quality processes and reporting with data-based structured documents minimizes compliance risks and reduces inspection time and downtime.

Manage quality processes and documents in one single system to gain meaningful insights for impactful decision making and achieve digital continuity, data integrity, and a “Single Source of Truth.”

Power Production Operations with Virtual Twin

Virtual Twins provide a dynamic and interactive environment for modeling and simulating complex biological systems, enabling scientists to explore, predict, and optimize experimental outcomes.

Maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and gain actionable insights with modeling and simulation to allow a virtual test of a design against quality and regulatory requirements.

Maintain Supply Chain Resilience

Plan, execute, and maintain efficient supply chains in a collaborative ecosystem that connects all stakeholders and uses real world data in real time. Optimize logistics with model-based virtual twins of the value network for improved metrics to track and manage customer experiences.

Collaborate, model, optimize, and execute supply chains, manufacturing, logistics, and service to achieve strategic business results.

Other Paths to Better Develop and Launch New Therapies

Accelerate Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Accelerate Pharmaceutical Drug Development

With increased demand for novel therapies and prominence of personalized medicine in health care, many pharmaceutical, biotech, and CDMO companies have begun to adopt AI-driven solutions to achieve efficient and reliable manufacturing processes.

Streamline Lab Execution

Streamline Lab Execution

Laboratory Informatics play a crucial role in improving lab productivity and ensuring compliance. The Lab of the Future is designed to eliminate inefficiencies and minimize compliance risks in lab processes, creating a collaborative environment that fosters innovation and allows for the highest quality and efficiency.

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By modeling the manufacturing process digitally, companies can simulate different conditions, optimize parameters, and improve efficiency without disrupting actual production. Using a virtual twin, improve quality control, predict maintenance issues, minimize downtime, and increase overall productivity.

Learn how to leverage virtual twins in your manufacturing process.

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