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Addressing The Pharmaceutical Quality Testing Bottleneck

Is quality testing considered a bottleneck by Pharma’s operations leadership and is it a high priority to address? In collaboration with Pharmaceutical Manufacturing brand, BIOVIA surveyed over 120 QA/QC, manufacturing, operational and compliance executives to gauge their perceptions of the pain points associated with quality testing regimes, and to better understand the current state of quality testing programs within pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical operations.

Questions asked included:

  • What are the causes of bottlenecks within your current Quality Testing approaches?
  • Which tasks take too much time within your current Quality Testing approach?
  • Where are you using an informatics solution to automate your Quality Testing efforts?

The results of the survey indicate that many feel their quality testing regime creates a bottleneck that needs to be addressed. Many also believe this bottleneck challenge is a high operational priority. However, quality testing processes are still plagued by inefficiencies and compliance risks mainly attributed to error-prone manual data entry and transfer. Even those using electronic solutions are finding they aren’t robust enough to provide a reliable automated end-to-end solution for their quality testing processes.

However there is a solution… an integrated and electronic Quality Testing Solution.

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Addressing The Pharmaceutical Quality Testing Bottleneck