The 21st Century Digital Lab


The 21st Century Digital Lab

Today’s Life Science companies face major challenges to continued operations and profitability including patent expirations, low R&D productivity, increased competition, decreased margins, non-optimized processes and mounting compliance pressure. In addition, shifting and changing workplaces in the Age of COVID are challenging companies with unprecedented cost pressures and uncompetitive cycle times.

Existing LIMS and ELN solutions are not sufficient to address these challenges. Instead, digital transformation initiatives are front and center in 2021 along with programs to standardize data and processes and accelerate  successful products to market.

Today’s challenges require true digital continuity, holistic solutions and data standards for compliance, all in the cloud.

Watch this webinar to understand:

  • Technologies to meet today’s requirements for life science laboratories
  • Improving efficiencies in process development, collaboration and product quality
  • How to spend more time on science and less time finding and correcting data


Jack Gibson

Senior Solution Consultant, BIOVIA

Originally an organic chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, Jack Gibson has spent the past 21 years working in the world of laboratory informatics, helping scientists in Research, Development and Manufacturing QC to make the transition to full digitalization of their labs.


Stephen Hayward

Technical Marketing Manager, BIOVIA

Steve Hayward is a PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a background in laboratory informatics, chemical modeling, and environmental analysis. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he currently leads product marketing efforts for informatics solutions at Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA in San Diego.

The 21st Century Digital Lab