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Rave Reporter

Rave Reporter

Uncover insights in your multi-study data that can get you to market faster.

Rave Reporter allows you to generate one report reflecting global data across multiple studies and products. Gain stronger insights from your portfolio of studies, with aggregated data presented in a user-friendly interface along with scheduling, exporting, and deep-linking capabilities. With the innovative functionality of Rave Reporter, get more impact out of your data for less effort, time, and cost.

All of your data, all of your studies, one powerful report.

Why Rave Reporter?

From complex to consolidated

Cross-system aggregation and reconciliation offer an accurate, unified view of your data from multiple studies. Choose from 36 out-of-the-box, customizable reports providing visibility across Rave Supply Management, User Management, Rave RBM, Rave Coder, and Rave Safety Gateway. With Rave Reporter, save time, resources, and minimize expensive data warehousing.

Deeper insights, delivered

Gathered from multiple sources, a holistic view of your data allows richer insights to emerge. Relationships between disparate data become illuminated under common standards and an efficient, single data source.

Built user-friendly

An intuitive interface gives you unparalleled access to cross-study and cross product report views, with drag and drop functionality and customizable user access. Our powerful database lets you generate reports faster, and time out less frequently.