Medidata Rave EDC 인증 스터디 빌더 준비 코스


One of the learning paths for Medidata Rave EDC® Certified Study Builder certification must be completed before enrolling in this course.


Note: This course is only for Medidata clients / partners who are working towards the Medidata Rave EDC® Certified Study Builder certification program.

The web-based instructor-led course will help certification candidates prepare for their Medidata Rave EDC® Certified Study Builder exam and applied skills assessment.

Topics include an overview of what to expect on exam day, a review of the various question-types included in the exam, and a refresher on the topics covered on the exam.

Recording of Global Education training sessions is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to record training will result in an immediate stoppage of training until recording is terminated.

글로벌 교육 트레이닝 세션을 녹화하는 행위는 엄격하게 금지되어 있습니다. 트레이닝을 녹화하려고 시도할 경우, 녹화가 종료될 때까지 트레이닝이 즉시 중단됩니다.




English, Japanese, Korean, 중국어(만다린), 한국어


Rave EDC

Training Units


Class Fee

The cost to enroll in one of the Scheduled Classes listed below is $275 per person

서울 (1:00 - 5:00 PM KST)