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Acorn AI为您提供生命科学界至关重要的临床和商业数据


Accelerate the delivery of actionable insights to the frontlines of decision-making across research and development, medical and commercialization by using high-quality liquid data, technology, expertise and a thriving ecosystem.

Our products include Value Discovery Engine to make better go/no-go decisions; Intelligent Trials to improve study success and speed; Integrated Evidence to help demonstrate value to regulators, payors, providers and patients; Connected Patient to integrate the new generation of medical devices within the digital healthcare ecosystem, and Commercial Data Solutions to provide a spectrum of data and analytics, including STRATA for commercial data management, QUANTUM for real-world evidence and health economics outcomes research, as well as additional commercial and medical analytics capabilities.

Intelligent Trials



Integrated Evidence

涵盖 20000 多项跨申办方临床试验和 600 万名志愿患者的历史数据,结合真实世界数据,为临床开发领导者提供强大的洞察和必要证据,提高试验成功率