Medidata Professional Services for Successful Clinical Trials

Value Realization through Medidata Expertise and Innovation

Medidata has paved the way for the next generation of clinical trials including specialized solutions like decentralized clinical trials, patient-centric solutions, synthetic control arm studies, and advanced analytics.

To accelerate the adoption process, more industry leaders are relying on Medidata’s Professional Services to transform their business and clinical studies. The Professional Services organization leverages unparalleled industry expertise to drive exceptional customer engagements that support our customers’ goals and our mission of powering smarter treatments and healthier people.

We provide comprehensive professional services that support the entire clinical trial process, from pre-planning to post-go-live. 

Our global expertise for over 20 years has resulted in more than 30,000+ studies and over 9M patients and healthy volunteers, who have utilized our technology and services.

Key Services

01 Strategy and Transformation Consulting to Support Clinical Trials
Scope and Analyze Requirements for Your Clinical Trials

Scope and Analyze Requirements for Your Clinical Trials

Medidata Professional Services will evaluate your clinical trial requirements, internal and external processes, and data integrations prior to implementing a new technology to avoid surprises and delays. 

Medidata Strategy and Transformation Strategic Consultants are seasoned industry experts in clinical research with proficiency across the entire unified Medidata Clinical Cloud® platform. They work with you and your team to support process improvements, change management, business transformation, and ROI maximization.

02 Implementation Services
Flexible Implementation Offerings for Clinical Trials

Flexible Implementation Offerings for Clinical Trials

Medidata understands that every client engagement is unique based on its requirements, level of complexity, roles and responsibilities, and timeframes. That’s why Medidata Professional Services developed implementation frameworks for clinical trials based on our expertise and customer adoption patterns to support faster implementations and a system that meets your operational needs.

03 Accelerate Study Startups
Accelerate Clinical Trial Study Startups

Accelerate Clinical Trial Study Startups

The Medidata Professional Services Study Build team helps you achieve the right balance of accelerated clinical trial study startup, improved data quality, and faster database lock.

04 Education and Training
Education and Training Drive User and Technology Adoption

Education and Training Drive User and Technology Adoption

Maximize your technology investment by training users to increase adoption and streamline operational processes. We get your teams up and running quickly through Medidata Global Education’s extensive courses and flexible training formats. Users also have the option to earn formal credentials in the implementation and use of Medidata’s Unified Platform through our Certification Program.

05 Operational Support After Go-Live
Our Team is Dedicated to Your Study’s Success

Our Team is Dedicated to Your Study’s Success

You are not alone after Go-Live. We have a team of Medidata technology experts dedicated to supporting you with any questions or issues in order to ensure safe and effective clinical trials.

Benefits of Medidata Professional Services

Best-in-Class Experience in Technology and Clinical Trials

Medidata’s Strategy and Transformation Consulting team uses a value-engagement model to evaluate, identify, and implement changes within the organization and external partners to adopt new innovations across clinical trials.

Implementing Best Practices within your Clinical Trials

Successful implementation and integration for clinical trials requires you to adhere to best practices. 

Our team works with you to define the critical business objectives Medidata’s solutions support, timelines that outline major tasks and milestone dates, and responsibilities for implementing the solution. This ensures efficient deployment and faster technology adoption across your clinical trials. 

User Adoption to Support Clinical Trial Technology Investment

Medidata understands that innovative solutions are only effective if used properly. That’s why we train users to successfully navigate the system and become subject matter experts (SMEs) in their organizations. 

We offer on-demand training through Medidata eLearning, accessible directly within the Medidata Clinical Cloud. Instructor-led courses are also available online or in person at Medidata offices, client facilities, and at investigator meetings.

Providing 24×7 Support throughout a Study’s Lifecycle

Medidata utilizes best in class methodologies and practices to create an optimized application environment that improves process efficiency and issue visibility so you can free-up clinical trial resources to focus on innovation and trial success.

Our Customer Success team will work closely with your team to provide on-going support and coordinate ongoing study management activities to proactively manage your clinical trials through the life of the study for improved agility, speed, and compliance.

Ambit Bioscience Transitions Three Critical Oncology Studies with the Help of Medidata Professional Services

Learn how a pilot of Remote Source Review leads to broader automation in remote monitoring and data collection.

With the help of Medidata Professional Services, Ambit Bioscience transitioned three critical oncology studies through a pilot of Remote Source Review, leading to broader automation in remote monitoring and data collection.

Solution Highlights



Rave RTSM has superior DtP capabilities giving sponsors and CROs the highest level of flexibility for decentralized and hybrid trials.

DtP can be enabled for any combination of sites and visits and provides sites the ability to determine the source of the patient’s dispensation.

Medidata eCOA

Medidata eCOA

Medidata eCOA is revolutionizing the way sponsors, CROs, and sites collect electronic data from patients, physicians and caregivers.

eCOA improves your study experience with flexible professional services deployment options, a groundbreaking global instrument library, and dedicated services and support.

Medidata Detect

Medidata Detect

Medidata Professional Services works with your organization to streamline Medidata Detect implementation to provide powerful data and risk surveillance for centralized monitoring, powered by automated statistical algorithms and machine learning.

Detect improves your study data quality and ensures patient safety throughout the trial.