Rave Site Payments

The Industry’s Most Experienced Global Payment Solution & Provider

Medidata Site Payments is a data driven system that provides real-time payment processing triggered by any EDC. Its capabilities allow for handling of complex budgets and payment terms while ensuring visibility and compliance through reporting and dashboards.

Add the Managed Services offering to provide a team of site payment experts to manage your site payment process. Always pay your sites accurately and on-time.

Why Choose Rave Site Payments?

Improve Site Payment Cycle Times

With automatic payments triggers connected to EDC you can’t go wrong.

The ability to have a flexible and configurable setup for complex budgets and payment terms allows for automated and consistent payment cycles so your sites always know when they are being paid and that they are being paid correctly. 

Truly Global Payment Capabilities

Rave Site Payments can execute payments to nearly every country in every currency.

With automatic global tax capabilities, global invoicing requirements and currency exchange rate reporting, you will have NO limitations for global site payments.

Reduce FTE Burden

Reduce site burden by providing a central location for receiving critical study assets.

Gain Full Transparency

Gain access to a large suite of out-of-the-box reports along with ad-hoc reporting capabilities for your site payments.

Paired with dashboards that provide visibility into the entire payment process no matter what stakeholder you are within the site payment process.

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Rave Clinical Trial Financial Management

Rave Clinical Trial Financial Management

Rave Clinical Trial Financial Management (CTFM) is an end-to-end solution for the financial management of your clinical studies composed of Rave Design Optimizer, Rave Grants Manager, and Rave Site Payments, all paired with the market leading Rave EDC.  

Rave CTFM enables operational efficiencies and financial compliance, collaborative data-driven decision making and greater transparency over planning & execution.

Rave Grants Manager

Rave Grants Manager

Rave Grants Manager manages the entire investigator grant life cycle of clinical trials. 

The solution provides Sponsors and CROs with a comprehensive, data-driven way to quickly and accurately develop investigator grant budgets and efficiently conduct the site budget negotiation process.



Rave CTMS is the only data-driven solution for faster, smarter, end-to-end trial management.

As an integral part of the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud®, Medidata provides all of the elements you expect from an industry-leading CTMS and more. Rave CTMS provides your study teams with the ability to plan and manage all of your clinical trials in a consistent and harmonized manner that standardizes activity planning and management at the study, country, and site level.

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From Study-Startup to Closeout

Overcome your challenges in clinical trial financial management with a unified solution including real-time reporting, advanced analytics, and benchmarks to optimize study design, planning, budget, and execution.

Fact Sheet

The Industry’s Only Global Payment Technology Driven by EDC

Medidata’s Rave Site Payments solution is the only site payment solution on the market that provides full global support, complete transparency, and a flexible and configurable end-to-end solution.

It is a turnkey solution whether you need technology to process site payments in-house accurately and efficiently, an experienced and reliable vendor to process payments on your behalf or you are somewhere between the two.


Outsource while Retaining Full Financial Visibility and Control

Pairing Medidata Site Payments with our Managed Services allows you to leverage a team of experts that supports you through the process and management of your site payments.

Site Payments Managed Services Team helps in enabling you to reduce, or even eliminate FTE burden in reconciling, forecasting, and processing site payments.

Case Study

Issue Site Payments Accurately, on Time, and Transparently

Learn how TissueTech reduced their payment processing cycle from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 days.

See how they achieved timely accurate site payments by automating their payment processes with triggers from Rave EDC, reducing strain on their resources and eliminating manual reconciliation.

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