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Medidata AI believes in propelling the innovators – the heroes – of the scientific world to overcome the impossible and realize what is possible. We do this by arming you with the data, tools and insight you need to reimagine clinical trials, rededicate patient data to develop critical therapies and to rethink the limits around human data science.

From Trial to Launch

Whether it’s through better trial planning and design, the development of a Synthetic Control Arm® or positioning a new drug for launch, Medidata AI is dedicated to ensuring that new possibilities are always on the horizon.

Our unparalleled clinical trial data combined with a unified platform, advanced analytics and deep human expertise uncover breakthrough insights for you to make confident decisions while pursuing the innovations that propel science and healthcare forward.”

Medidata AI Offerings

01 Who We Are
Who We Are

Who We Are

At Medidata AI, there are hundreds of incessantly curious, multi-disciplinary experts who equip you with the vital data and tools you need to find new innovative approaches to clinical trials and to rethink the limits of what is possible — because today’s challenges demand it.

02 Medidata AI Labs
Medidata AI Labs

Medidata AI Labs

Where our data science teams work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to tackle the toughest problems in Life Sciences — opening the door to more effective and tailored treatments.

The Medidata AI Labs model is designed to accelerate data science capabilities and rapidly unlock business value.

03 Synthetic Control Arm
Synthetic Control Arm White Paper

Synthetic Control Arm White Paper

What if researchers didn’t need to recruit a control group at all and could offer the experimental treatment to everyone who agreed to be in the study? Celsion, a biotechnology company that develops next-generation chemotherapy and immunotherapy agents, is exploring such an approach with Medidata.

Medidata AI Solutions

From planning to launch, we are your collaborative partner — pushing the innovations realized through unparalleled clinical trial data, deep industry and human expertise, advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

Intelligent Trials

Gain a competitive edge in trial planning and enrollment through real time data and analytics.

Integrated Evidence

Accelerate approvals using advanced analytics and our unparalleled historical clinical trial database to enhance insights, eg. via Synthetic Control Arm.

Commercial Data Solutions

Maximize pharmaceutical brand success with powerful commercial data management and insights.

Connected Patient Platform

Enable collaboration and precision in patient care by connecting the new digital health data management ecosystem.


Press Release:  Launch Therapeutics selects Medidata AI Intelligent Trials

Press Release: Launch Therapeutics selects Medidata AI Intelligent Trials

Accelerating Clinical Trial Development with a partnership that optimizes trial planning, driving innovation and efficiency.

Press Release: Synthetic Control Arm

Press Release: Synthetic Control Arm

Medidata Synthetic Control Arm® Supported by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Use in Medicenna Therapeutics, Corp. Phase 3 Registrational Trial in Recurrent Glioblastoma.

Press Release: Celsion's OVATION

Press Release: Celsion’s OVATION

Celsion’s OVATION 1 Study with GEN-1 in Ovarian Cancer Shows Strong Progression-Free Survival Treatment Effect Utilizing Medidata Synthetic Control Arm

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