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Medidata AI advances our mission of powering smarter treatments and healthier people by expediting the delivery of life-saving therapies to the market. We enable smart, data-driven decisions throughout clinical development programs, significantly boosting their chances of success.

Medidata AI Offerings

Who We Are

Who We Are

At Medidata AI, there are hundreds of incessantly curious, multi-disciplinary experts who equip you with the vital data and tools you need to find new innovative approaches to clinical trials and to rethink the limits of what is possible — because today’s challenges demand it.

Clinical Trial Data

Clinical Trial Data

Medidata offers insights built upon over 30,000 trials – including 8,000 active studies – and 9 million participants. Enabling better, faster decisions that can inform site selection, ensure enrollment of diverse patient populations, design safer trial protocols, and generate evidence via an external control arm to demonstrate comparative efficacy.

Synthetic Data

Synthetic Data

Medidata offers anonymized, patient-level synthetic data that can be utilized to investigate and inform product development. We bring together the power of our historical clinical trial database with cutting-edge AI/ML techniques that preserves patient privacy while allowing expanded access to the insights contained within these valuable, siloed data sources.

Research Alliance

Research Alliance

The Medidata Research Alliance brings together academic and  key opinion leaders with Medidata’s expert staff, comprised of clinicians, biostatisticians, former regulatory officials and industry veterans. By combining multi-sector expertise with data-driven research, we advance clinical innovations and fulfill our mission of powering smarter treatments and healthier people.

Medidata AI Solutions

From planning to launch, we are your collaborative partner — pushing the innovations realized through unparalleled clinical trial data, deep industry and human expertise, advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

Intelligent Trials

Gain a competitive edge in trial planning and enrollment through real time data and analytics.


Meet your trial diversity goals and enhance site selection to choose sites that can accelerate your trial and have a track-record of successfully enrolling diverse patients, based on indication-specific cross-industry data.

Trial Design

Reduce trial planning uncertainty and improve the probability of regulatory and technical success through novel and proven approaches to protocol development, leveraging the insights contained within over 30,000 trials.

Synthetic Control Arm® (SCA®)

When a traditional randomized control arm is unfeasible, Medidata SCA enables teams to build an external control arm through careful selection of patient level data to yield a baseline composition that is statistically well balanced with the experimental arm.

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