myMedidata Clinical Trial Patient Registries

myMedidata Clinical Trial Patient Registries

Transforming Awareness, Access, and Retention of Patients in Clinical Trials

myMedidata Registries expands patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement, resulting in a community of educated, empowered and engaged patients. Sponsors drastically reduce trial enrollment times by providing patients with education and communications pre-trial to learn more about new research opportunities and referrals to study sites. Post-trial patient engagement enables long term follow-up, enhanced safety monitoring and gathering of new clinical insights, resulting in improved experiences including patient-centered innovations such as patient data return.

Everlasting Engagement on One Patient Portal for Life

myMedidata provides patients with continuous support in and out of a study with access to one portal for all of their clinical trial needs. Learn why we created myMedidata Registries on the myMedidata patient portal and hear from patients why there’s a growing need for registries.

Looking to Accelerate Recruitment Timelines?

Learn how myMedidata Registries helps you accelerate recruitment timelines by building a global community of patients who have already shown an interest in participating in clinical trials.