Integrated Evidence

Integrated Evidence



Integrated Evidence 解决方案涵盖 20000 多项跨申办方临床试验和 600 万名志愿患者的历史数据,结合真实世界数据,为临床开发领导者提供强大的洞察和必要证据,提高试验成功率。

Integrated Evidence: Connect the Data

See how Integrated Evidence provides stronger insights, confident decision-making, and increases the probability of success.

Why Integrated Evidence

Develop powerful insights

Real world data (RWD) alone occasionally falls short in providing the level of rich context and evidence you’re looking for in a rapidly evolving clinical development landscape. Acorn AI offers the world’s largest source of cross-sponsor, historical clinical trial data – made up of more than 20,000 trials, 6 million patients, and pre-integrated RWD to offer solutions that give your programs the best insights possible.

Make evidence-based decisions

Rising costs, evolving standards of care, and decreased participant recruitment and retention all mean that making the right decisions earlier is more important than ever. Acorn AI provides powerful modeling along with deep regulatory, clinical, and commercial expertise to help you make evidence-based decisions with more confidence.

Increase probability of success

Acorn AI’s data, insights, and expertise give clinical development leaders and their trials the best chance at success – from a better designed trial, to a more robust control arm, to stronger positioning of a drug for commercialization.

Harness the power of Integrated Evidence

Connect to the world’s largest, most robust source of cross-industry, patient-level historical clinical trials combined with real world data to position your trials for success.