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Understand your disease of study better at the start for more effective programs in the end.

MEDS SCD (Synthetic Controls Database) is designed to help you better understand and develop a stronger clinical development program around a disease of study. Built on Medidata’s vast pool of patient data, our aggregated statistics enable insights into subgroup prognosis, clear correlations between short-term endpoints and long-term response, baseline characteristics for subgroups, common and uncommon adverse events, and much more.

SCD helps you answer clinical questions about a disease, and design the right trial around it.

Unrivaled patient data, unprecedented ease

Get access to data assets from over 15,000 studies and 4 million trial subjects, all cleaned, standardized, de-identified, and aggregated. Save time and effort with web-based visualization tools that provide pre-populated analyses like summary statistics and exploratory evaluations.

More prognostic and predictive power

Identify prognostic factors indicating an appropriate disease course and restrict enrollment of a future study accordingly, reducing the patient population required for the trial to meet endpoints. Identification of predictive characteristics—through analysis of safety and efficacy outcome variables standardized within the database—enhances study efficiency and risk-benefit ratio.

Safety and pharmacovigilance

Interpreting safety events is less complex and cloudy with data on your side. By combining adverse event data across multiple historical trials, you increase the precision of AE rates and causes, giving you more confidence in the interpretation of safety events.

Discover the power of the unified platform enhanced by pioneering analytics.