Medidata NEXT – The Premier Clinical Trials Conference Series

Discover Your NEXT Experience.

Medidata NEXT is the crossroads of the life sciences industry—where leaders and organizations meet to map the future.

The Story Behind Medidata NEXT

NEXT started back in 2006—although it went by a different name then. The first-ever Medidata User Group (known as MUG) took place in Thousand Oaks, California. This small forum gave customers the chance to ask questions and hear more about Medidata’s suite of solutions.

As the conference grew, so did the networking opportunities. What was once a 30+ strong gathering expanded to 700+ attendees and multiple locations. MUG became NEXT—a new, future-forward event that brings together the life sciences industry to learn, connect, and engage.

Discover the NEXT experience and see how innovation meets exploration.

Why Attend Medidata NEXT?

Medidata NEXT is more than a clinical trials conference—it’s an experience built to captivate the greatest life sciences minds. Don’t miss your chance to join hundreds of leaders across pharma, biotech, medtech, CROs, and research sites who are responsible for addressing key issues in digital health.

Experience engaging keynotes, exclusive roundtables, detailed panel discussions, and more. Learn from the world’s experts as we explore the latest advancements. Network with colleagues and peers who have faced similar challenges. And discover Medidata’s latest innovations and product roadmap.

Registration is free for our customers and qualified members of the life sciences community.

Introducing the Medidata NEXT City Series

The next step in the growth of our signature event is a global reimagining. The NEXT City Series now brings the premier clinical trials conference experience to customers around the world.

We’re taking NEXT on the road across 7+ countries and 9+ cities. From metropolitan hubs to sunny shores, you don’t want to miss this immersive industry event.

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