Rave EDC

Rave EDC

Take advantage of the industry’s leading data engine.

Rave EDC is the cornerstone of the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud, offering you fast implementation and maximum control to support studies of any size, length, or complexity. Rave EDC is proven by more than 17,000 studies (one-third ongoing today) and more than 4 million patient experiences. Our flexible architecture empowers clinical research teams to capture, cleanse, and manage study data, ensuring efficient trial execution across every phase of the clinical trial life cycle. You can even collect data across clinical and non-clinical sources and easily integrate it with Rave EDC. Boost productivity by using Rave EDC tools for collaboration with one instance for all roles. Create a consistent experience across sites, role-based pages, workflows, and task lists. Data is aggregated so you can learn from every engagement. We apply this learning to continuously improve our products and their use across all CROs and pharma companies

Rave EDC has powered more studies than any clinical system, ever.

Why Rave EDC?

Execute with Agility

With Rave EDC, you can set up and execute mid-study changes with no system downtime. Meanwhile, designated users can handle multiple case report form versions and seamlessly migrate existing data into new forms and structures. What’s more, because the clinical data is unified in a single source of truth, performing entry, source document verification (SDV), data cleaning, and database lock activities are simplified.

Scale Studies Easily

Rave EDC facilitates your ability to scale easily from one study to hundreds, from Phase I to beyond global Phase IV. Whatever your trial phase or business model, Rave EDC keeps up. And because it’s part of the unified Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud, Rave EDC offers data management and reporting capabilities well beyond a traditional EDC system. It enables you to report across multiple URLs and studies, as well as, clinical and operational data; all while providing visibility into site performance across studies giving you the ability to make informed decisions based on near real-time study insights.

Adapt and Extend Studies Simply

Rave EDC gives you the ability to effortlessly manage unique or complex study requirements without custom programming. You can configure dynamic CRFs, workflows, data blinding, SDV requirements, dictionary coding, and more–all via a user-friendly, point-and-click browser interface.

Use Quick Links and Reference Guides

Learn what Rave products can do and how they integrate with Rave EDC through quick reference points, examples, and interactive show-me videos. You will also have access to helpful learning links and quick reference guides that are easily accessible for Rave EDC.

See why Medidata's Rave EDC is the world’s leading solution for capturing, managing and reporting patient data.

Getting the most out of the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud with Rave EDC

One data source for all your studies, enabled by Rave EDC, Rave Imaging, Rave eConsent, and Rave eCOA.

Capture objective, timely data from any data source, clinical or non-clinical, into a single source of truth for all your data enabled by Rave EDC working with Rave Imaging, Rave eConsent and Rave eCOA. Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, multiple data migrations, or harmonization efforts to enable quality data capture and consistency in real time. Unify data and workflows across your study for rapid startup, streamlined execution with cleaner data, and faster closeout. Allow your study teams to make better-informed decisions and glean study insights faster.

End-to-end budgeting to payments, enabled by Rave EDC, Rave Site Grants, Rave CTMS, and Rave Site Payments

The Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud™ platform can ensure that when you plan your study it combines the right sites, procedures, budgets, and payment processes. Minimize complexity and set the stage for operational efficiency by reducing the FTE time needed for reconciliations. Negotiated site costs are set up in Rave Site Payments to calculate payment after a subject visit or procedure is complete in Rave EDC. Optimize the amount you pay for a procedure, subject visit, or other site fees by using Rave Site Grants to reference our comprehensive database of fully executed investigator agreements. It contains tens of thousands of sites that have been negotiated to arrive at the optimal budget. Track the entire process, end to end, using Rave CTMS.

Faster study startup with randomization you can trust, enabled by Rave EDC, Rave eConsent, and Rave RTSM.

Because randomization criteria is captured in EDC, you can automatically determine if and when a patient should be randomized, eliminating the need for multiple data entry while ensuring the right treatment is delivered to the right patient at the right time. Patients are auto-enrolled and consented using Rave eConsent and randomized using Rave RTSM in a single platform.

Efficient study conduct, enabled by Rave EDC, Rave CTMS, and Rave eTMF.

Rave EDC combined with Rave CTMS and Rave eTMF delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform from study planning to close. It unifies content, data, and workflows accurately. Rave CTMS helps ensure that you find, access, and reuse Rave EDC data when you need to, eliminating costly integrations, duplicate data entry, data reconciliation, and manual tracking activities.

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