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A rapidly evolving and complex trial ecosystem has made it more difficult to efficiently manage and oversee clinical trials. Rave CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) improves speed and efficiency for the oversight of studies, countries, and sites through intelligent automation and workflow management. The Medidata Clinical Cloud® streamlines the clinical operations ecosystem so data transfer between Rave EDC, Medidata Detect, and Rave eTMF is automated, eliminating manual data re-entry and enabling user-centric workflows that bridge applications.

Benefits of Rave CTMS

Increase User Efficiency

Automated workflows streamline manual processes for key activities, and dashboards focus you on what matters most. Milestones, tasks, issues, and document status are tracked in one place. Data is entered once and used everywhere, eliminating information silos and providing tremendous efficiency for site and monitoring staff.

Scale More Easily

Rave CTMS scales from early phase through late phase trials. It also integrates with your existing technology and workflows.

Reduce Avoidable Startup Delay

Study startup activities are embedded within Rave CTMS and Rave eTMF, where site-specific required milestones and tasks are tracked in one place. A closed-loop system of site activation activities and issue management eliminates multiple status spreadsheets and tracking reports, saving you time and effort.

Improve Decisions with Data

Genuine insight requires a depth of data that only Medidata can provide. Move from a CTMS built on static data based on simple calculations to a system with embedded intelligent risk detection and actionable data.

Features of Rave CTMS

01 Powerful, Visual Analytics

Powerful, Visual Analytics

Efficiently manage the entire study with data automatically populated from any EDC for dashboards, forecasts, and analysis. With Rave CTMS Visual Analytics, create intuitive visuals by combining Rave CTMS data across studies into a single visualization, report, or dashboard.

02 Unified Document Management
Unified Document Management

Unified Document Management

Rave CTMS is tightly integrated with Rave EDC and Rave eTMF to optimize collaboration with sites. Users upload documents once and the eTMF is automatically updated with data and content. Data is auto populated into monitoring visit reports, which are then automatically filed to the TMF.

03 Visibility Into Risk
Intelligent Risk Detection

Intelligent Risk Detection

Your CRAs and study managers are empowered with analytical insights driven from key risk indicators (KRIs) to ensure patient safety and study accountability.

04 Risk-Based Monitoring
Risk-Based and Remote Monitoring

Risk-Based and Remote Monitoring

Easily move to a paradigm where interactions with sites are purpose-driven and with intention, focused on critical data and processes. Rave CTMS is integrated with Medidata Risk Management, RaveTSDV (Targeted Source Data Verification), Medidata Detect, and Medidata Remote Source Review.

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Fact Sheet

One Unified Hub for Digital Oversight of Your Trial

Rave CTMS, unified on the Medidata Clinical Cloud®, is your transactional hub to natively and intelligently connect workflows, deliver data-driven insights, and foster collaboration – all powered by unified data capture.

Fact Sheet

Rave CTMS Visual Analytics Fact Sheet

See how Visual Analytics for Rave CTMS can drive efficient workflows, enable collaboration across teams and gain oversight of your study progress. With powerful visualizations and easy-to-use tools, you can take back control of your study.


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