Medidata eCOA

Accelerating Your Path
to Decentralized Clinical Trials

Medidata eCOA (Clinical Outcome Assessment) is revolutionizing the way sponsors, CROs, and sites collect electronic data from patients, physicians, and caregivers. Available as an iOS or Android app or web-based solution, Medidata eCOA provides a flexible, intuitive model for capturing patient data that is designed to make it easier for patients to engage in clinical trials.

Built as part of the unified Medidata Clinical Cloud® platform, Medidata eCOA improves your study experience with flexible deployment options, a groundbreaking global instrument library, and dedicated services and support.

Image Capture Directly Into eCOA

Combining the power of Medidata eCOA with Rave Imaging, eCOA Image Capture enables patients and caregivers to take and share pictures from their mobile devices and upload them directly into the Medidata eCOA app, eliminating the need for extra site visits or multiple technology solutions. Images become available for immediate review, delivering greater insights for both sites and sponsors, while enhancing the patient experience. This patient-centric feature also enhances the use of eCOA in hybrid and decentralized clinical trials.

The Medidata eCOA Difference

Faster Study Start Times

Implementing eCOA accelerates study start time through a library of pre-built, pre-approved instruments. Providing a single point of data entry, there are fewer queries and cleaner data. As part of a unified platform, there’s no end-of-study mapping or integration required.

Unified Platform Approach

The Medidata Clinical Cloud provides a clear view of all your cross-application data in one place. Integrate with your existing data systems, eliminating manual data entry and reconciliation, while maintaining full control and oversight.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Medidata eCOA’s agility allows patients to engage where, and when, they choose. Information syncs immediately into the clinical dataset, allowing real time visibility. Enhancing the patient journey is a dedicated Patient Cloud Helpdesk, easing patient burden and making decentralized trials a reality.

Key Features of Medidata eCOA

01 Multiple Ways to Engage
Multiple Ways to Engage

Multiple Ways to Engage

Our technology empowers patients, clinicians, and caregivers to share data via the myMedidata patient portal, Medidata eCOA app, or through a web-based backup.

02 Unified with Rave EDC
Unified with Rave EDC

Unified with Rave EDC

Medidata eCOA is the only eCOA solution that connects with Rave EDC supporting a truly integrated experience that enables traditional, hybrid or fully decentralized clinical trials.

03 Industry Transforming eCOA Global Library
Industry Transforming eCOA Global Library

Industry Transforming eCOA Global Library

Medidata eCOA is the industry’s first eCOA Library that includes validated instruments, pre-built, pre-translated with screenshots and author agreements.

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myMedidata is a clinical research portal-for-life. Accessed using any web-enabled device, patients can use myMedidata to find, learn about, enroll and participate in all clinical trial activities from a single user interface.

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Drug developers are increasingly harnessing the combined power of objective data measured using digital health technologies (DHTs) and subjective clinical outcome assessments that include patient-reported outcomes (PROs). 

Uniting these two complementary mechanisms is enabling the development of comprehensive patient profiles that better inform how patients experience their disease and respond to treatment.

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In this video series, Merck, a top 10 biopharma, discusses their eCOA journey that allowed them to adapt, innovate, and scale faster across studies in multiple therapeutic areas.

Using eCOA in Oncology Clinical Trials

Overall Survival Results of a Trial Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Monitoring During Routine Cancer Treatment” by lead study author Ethan M. Basch, MD, MSc, FASCO, and his clinical data management team.

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Discover how Medidata eCOA helped to motivate patients and increased engagement around experiences outside of the clinical setting, which otherwise may have gone unmentioned.

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