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Go beyond just image delivery to fast, innovative image management.

More than 50 percent of trials involve medical imaging. Manage these studies faster, cheaper, and with lower risk when you choose Rave Imaging. Rave Imaging provides cloud-based, secure management for all your medical imaging tasks in an innovative and intuitive system. Gain visibility and full control over your imaging data while simplifying processes for sites, sponsors, and core labs alike.

Rethink your Imaging Strategy

Reduce Overall Costs

Rave Imaging helps reduce the overall costs of managing images in clinical trials through the reduction of manual steps, data reconciliation, rework and out of pocket expenses, image prep time, and radiologist assessment read time.

Eliminate Siloed Data and Gain Visibility

Rave Imaging helps you eliminate siloed data and disconnected processes when managing your imaging data from many systems and core labs by integrating your end-to-end processes for all your trials.

Connecting your technology provides real-time visibility of all imaging data across all sites, trials, and core labs.

Scalable Experience

When you choose a system to manage your critical images in a clinical trial, you want a fast and secure solution you can count on. 

Having been used in over 1000 clinical trials, Rave Imaging has the breadth of experience to help you manage all of your studies.

Improve Image and Data Quality

Rave Imaging’s structured approach to image submission simplifies workflows and improves efficiency, reducing the time and cost associated with image management and while increasing data quality and confidence.

The Power of a Unified Imaging and EDC Platform

A unified Imaging/EDC environment just makes sense. Both collect critical data to support the management of your clinical trial. By bringing the two data collection environments together, you can unleash the power of an integrated data platform and save time, resources and cost.

Data from both tools are seamlessly viewable, ensuring the right data is presented to the right users at the right time, without manual intervention. Integration leads to streamlined processes, accelerated timelines and greater visibility.

Rethink your Imaging Strategy and Regain Control.

Recent mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of nearly all of the largest clinical trial imaging players are creating huge uncertainty for Sponsors and Sites alike.

Anticipating these changes and disruptions, and properly handling them, can directly impact your clinical trial.

In 4 minutes, benchmark your current risks and opportunities to regain control and leap ahead in the transformation of imaging for your trials.

Key Features

01 Intelligent Workflows
Intelligent Workflows

Intelligent Workflows

Configurable workflow management  supports on-time completion of all steps in the clinical trial. Rave Imaging’s intelligent workflows simplify image and data collection and are configured to immediately perform edit checks and de-identification during the image upload process. The system then automates the distribution and review process after upload, per your protocol design.

02 Secure, Structured Image Submission
Secure, Structured Image Submission

Secure, Structured Image Submission

Structured image submission process complements user work process to minimize data entry and workflow steps and reduces the chance of error, minimizing queries.

Rave Imaging offers configurable de-identification during image upload and configurable edit checks prior to submission to ensure privacy and quality of your data.  Rave Imaging is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system.

03 Image Review
Image Review

Image Review

Radiological review of images and capture of measurement and assessment data all in the same tool.

04 AI in Imaging
AI in Imaging

AI in Imaging

Automation is transforming almost every stage of the clinical trial imaging workflow.  Rave Imaging incorporates key AI algorithms for pixel PHI detection and removal.

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Rave EDC is at the heart of Medidata’s Rave Data Management unified solution that enables aggregation and reconciliation of data from multiple sources – Medidata eConsent, Medidata eCOA, MyMedidata, Rave RTSM, Rave Imaging and Sensor Cloud; and intelligent data review and analysis with Rave TSDV and Medidata Detect.

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White Paper

Innovations in Clinical Trial Imaging

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for image data privacy, collection, acquisition, and interpretation have emerged that are helping improve image data quality and decision making.


Rethinking your Imaging Strategy

Avoid the pitfalls in a disrupted image management landscape. With Rave Imaging you regain control of your clinical trial imaging data and transform how you manage images in your trials.


Solve challenges in clinical trial image management

Image management in clinical trials can be complex.

Rave Imaging helps you reduce reconciliation saving you cost and time and provides full visibility to your images across trials.


Innovations in Clinical Trial Imaging

Some of the most innovative and notable advances in clinical trial imaging are being made in how images are interpreted and analyzed. 

These advances have the potential to transform not only how imaging data for clinical trials is collected, processed and analyzed, but also how the imaging data is cleaned and correlated with clinical outcomes.

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