Impossible is beating a rare disease while battling a novel virus

See how our AI solutions kept a mid-sized sponsor’s trial on-track and their patients COVID-safe.

Access your data, connect your work, manage your trials, all in one place.

The Medidata Clinical Cloud™ is the industry’s only unified platform addressing the holistic clinical research process from start to finish,

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Your research brings hope to millions of patients. Our platform accelerates it.

The Medidata Clinical Cloud™ is our cutting-edge platform that transforms the clinical trial experience for patients, sponsors, CROs, and research sites.

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Answer the most important clinical and commercial questions across your life science enterprise with Acorn AI

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Your research brings hope to millions of patients. Our platform accelerates it.

Who We Are

We’ve been redefining what’s possible in clinical trials for over 20 years. Only Medidata combines the wealth of data, AI powered insights, and patient-centric solutions required to bring tomorrow’s breakthrough therapies and devices to life, and into the hands of patients.

Our Products and Solutions

Medidata’s unified life sciences platform is the only eClinical solution that helps you run your trials, better engage your customers and leverage the deepest and most up to date life sciences data to help you do more with less.


Run a clinical trial

Medidata Clinical Cloud offers a seamless, end-to-end solution to increase speed, safety, and security for clinical studies of any size, length, or complexity.

Patient Cloud

Improve the patient experience

Our patient-centric trial design solutions create a more positive and seamless process for patients, sponsors, and the entire trial team.


Future-proof your trials

Acorn AI combines unparalleled clinical trial data, a unified platform, advanced analytics and deep human expertise to help propel your growth by accelerating insights and speed to market.