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Patient-Level Clinical Trial Data + Real World Data

Future-proof your clinical trial and enhance your evidence generation activities with Medidata Link, which allows sponsors to collect clinical trial data and link it at the patient level to real world data (RWD). Built with patients in mind, Medidata Link bridges evidence gaps to save time and help sponsors feel more confident in their decision-making.

Connect your clinical trial data to the real world

Jump-start your real world evidence generation

Immediately begin collecting real world patient-level clinical trial data to get ahead on generating evidence and patient insights. And, for completed trials, use RWD sets to bolster patient-level data about your specific participants, rather than waiting for general RWD to accumulate after launch.

Enhance data collection beyond a single trial

Track patient outcomes, insights and health resource utilization data that cannot be captured within the finite period of the clinical trial. Allow teams to generate real world evidence that can support payor and provider discussions. 

Enable efficient safety-tracking & patient follow-up

Medidata Link enables teams to proactively monitor safety using RWD – reducing the number of follow-up visits, which are costly and burdensome for sites and patients alike. Plus, RWD can help fill gaps to still understand and track outcomes for patients lost to follow-up.

Building a 360° View of the Patient Experience by Using a Unified Clinical Data Management Platform

Key Features

01 Scalable PII Ingestion
Scalable PII Ingestion

Scalable PII Ingestion

Support current and completed clinical trials by centrally processing personally identifiable information (PII) via the myMedidata patient portal, one-time site based collection, or file transfer – eliminating the need for site-based tokenization and multiple PII-entry. Medidata Link can then generate multiple “tokens” with the PII. This creates a seamless integration with the rest of the clinical trial workflow and is agnostic of consent methods.

02 A Secure, Compliant Environment
A Secure, Compliant Environment

A Secure, Compliant Environment

Combine patient-level clinical trial data with a massive RWD ecosystem within a highly secure, compliant environment. Medidata Link reduces the risk of unblinding and re-identifying patients by protecting sponsors from directly holding PII, while still allowing their teams to access data and collaborate for internal and independent analysis.

03 Best-in-Class Expertise and Analysis
Best-in-Class Expertise and Analysis

Best-in-Class Expertise and Analysis

The Medidata AI team offers deep industry expertise, powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, to generate evidence and insights that can be applied across your organization.


Use Case eBook

6 Data Linkage Use Cases to Future-Proof Your Clinical Trial

In this eBook, we discuss Medidata Link use cases in varied indications across the clinical development lifecycle, including:

  • Tracking Patients Lost to Follow-up
  • Reducing Patient Burden and Augmenting Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • Monitoring and Contextualizing Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Quantifying Healthcare Resource Utilization
  • Evidence for Label Expansions
  • Long-term Safety and Effectiveness Tracking

Medidata Link Fact Sheet

Medidata Link allows sponsors to collect clinical trial data and link it at the patient level to multiple RWD sources without adding additional burden to sites and patients — bridging evidence gaps to save time and feel more confident in their decision making

The Emerging Role of RWE

Watch our latest webinars on RWE. Learn how connecting clinical trial data with RWD can help before during and after the trial to provide a holistic view of the patient.

Linking Clinical Trial Data with Real-World Data

myMedidata Fact Sheet

Learn how patients can use one web-based portal for life for all of their clinical trial activities from eConsent, Link, eCOA, LIVE video visits, and patient registries.

Medidata Link White Paper

Download this report to learn more about:

  • The Process of Linking CTD and RWD via Tokenization
  • Key Features of a Scalable Data Linkage Solution
  • Benefits for Patients, Sites, and Sponsors
  • Data Linkage Use Cases

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myMedidata is a single-destination patient portal, built on Rave EDC, that allows patients to virtually learn, enroll and participate in clinical trial activities from any device. This offers a streamlined and trusted approach to virtualizing clinical trials. myMedidata encompasses all of the capabilities of Medidata’s patient-facing solutions for electronic consent and clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) along with live video investigator/patient visits using myMedidata LIVE all through one web-based intuitive interface.



Medidata’s eConsent is an innovative, regulatory-compliant, patient-friendly, electronic consent system for clinical trials. Whether onsite or remote, Medidata eConsent automates the patient enrollment process and onboards patients directly into Rave EDC, improving overall consent tracking management, reducing informed consent errors, and easing the administrative burden for sites and study teams. It also enhances the patient experience with easy-to-understand clinical trial information while improving participant compliance and boosting patient engagement.

Patient Insights

Patient Insights

The life science industry frequently uses patient centricity as a buzzword, but promoting the idea of patient centricity without action dilutes the term’s meaning and frustrates patients. myMedidata’s Patient Insights is the process by which the patient perspective is infused into the software development life cycle to create technical solutions that improve the overall patient experience in clinical research operations.

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