Rave Companion

Capture Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data into Rave EDC in a Few Clicks

Rave Companion reduces clinical trial data entry efforts for your sites by making it simpler and faster to get source data from Electronic Health/Medical Record (EHR) and other systems into Rave EDC

Unlike other EHR-to-EDC integration approaches that require the creation of complex mappings between the systems and take months to implement, Rave Companion is much faster and simpler to set up and works with any EHR system.

Rave Companion EHR to EDC Data Entry Benefits

Make Data Entry Faster and Easier for Your Sites

Enable your sites to quickly, easily, and accurately capture EHR and other data into Rave EDC. Your sites can replace time-consuming, error-prone data transcription with a single-click transfer of fields from their EHR and other systems to Rave EDC forms.

Get Cleaner Clinical Trial Data, Faster

Because data is captured rather than re-typed, there are fewer errors and fewer queries need to be raised by your CRAs and Data Managers and resolved by your sites.

Reduce Data Monitoring Efforts

With Rave Companion Connect*, since the candidate matching fields are automatically retrieved from the EHR system, source data verification (SDV) efforts are reduced.

*Connect will be introduced in 2023.

Key Features of Rave Companion

01 Stay ‘in sync’
Stay ‘in sync’

Stay ‘in sync’

Rave Companion automatically creates a companion to the Rave EDC form a user fills out. It’s always ‘in sync’ – the EDC and Companion forms are always the same. The companion form is free-floating, meaning you can have it alongside any source application or document. There’s no need to switch back and forth between windows.

02 Click – No Integration Required
Click - No Integration Required

Click – No Integration Required

With Rave Companion Click, any site can simply point-and-click or drag to capture data from their EHR or any other source system into Rave EDC without needing an integration to that system.

03 Find EHR data to populate your EDC forms
Find EHR data to populate your EDC forms

Find EHR data to populate your EDC forms

For structured data, Rave Companion Connect* presents the site with potential matches from the patient’s health record. The site can quickly review and select the right data point for the EDC form. Once a data point is selected, all other data points within the form can be auto-filled with EHR data based on the date range selected.

*Connect will be introduced in 2023

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