Patient Centric Clinical Trials | Medidata Patient Cloud

Patient Centric Clinical Trials | Medidata Patient Cloud

Technology built for patients by patients

Built using Medidata’s award-winning Patient Centricity by Design process, Patient Cloud is a suite of digital health solutions designed to collect high-quality data from engaged patients regardless of their location. Whether your clinical trials are primarily site-based or decentralized, Patient Cloud technologies help create a better overall study experience for patients and sites. 

Imagine a single destination for patients regardless of their location. That's the Medidata Patient Cloud.

Patient Cloud breaks down the barriers of traditional clinical trials through a single, unified platform.


Capture and assess your patient data in real-time. Medidata eCOA improves the data capture experience for standardized instruments by offering native app and BYOD capabilities, flexible service offerings and a groundbreaking global library of pre-validated and author-approved instruments.


Supporting both onsite and remote consent, Medidata eConsent is proven to be a superior learning tool for patients. Our regulatory- and IRB-approved process automates patient review of study materials and provides better tools for engaging sites and patients to discuss consent information. Patient consent data is fully integrated with Rave EDC, further streamlining the enrollment process.


myMedidata is a clinical research portal-for-life for patients. Accessed using any web-enabled device, patients can use myMedidata to find, learn about, enroll and participate in all clinical trial activities from a single user interface built on the same Rave EDC used by study sites. This trusted and scalable technology used by thousands of studies a year provides a standardized way to transition traditional site-based study activities to decentralized trials.

myMedidata Registries

myMedidata Registries expands patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement, resulting in a community of educated, empowered and engaged patients.

Sensor Cloud

Sensor Cloud takes a unique approach to the ingestion, standardization and scalability of data from any commercial or medical grade sensor device. Data received using our common model infrastructure can be used by Medidata’s biomarker data science team to discover and validate new algorithms or to leverage any of our dozens of existing FDA-approved algorithms. Most importantly, Sensor Cloud’s integration with Rave EDC and myMedidata makes sensor data available, as appropriate, to both sites and patients during and after the study.

Patient Centricity and Virtualizing Technologies

Are sites resistant to implementing digital tools? In this survey with SCRS, our findings reveal that sites are receptive to virtualizing technologies that make their work easier while enhancing the patient experience.

Patient Design Studios

Our Patient Centricity by Design initiative is built around three core principles of patient centricity: design, engagement, and activation.

Each Patient Cloud product is designed using Patient Insights generated from our Patient Design Studios – allowing patients to become active participants in the development of solutions for clinical trials.