Medidata Patient Cloud

Patient Centric Clinical Trials

Patient Cloud is a suite of powerful solutions that makes it simple and engaging for patients to participate in any clinical trial – so your trials are easier, faster, and produce better results. Built into the Medidata Platform, Patient Cloud solutions combine Medidata’s leading clinical trial technology with unmatched patient centricity by design. 

Only Patient Cloud delivers the full range of tools to build scalable, flexible solutions at every level of onsite and decentralized trials, and our expert teams help you tackle problems creatively to find the most effective level of decentralization.

Technology Built for Patients by Patients

Patient Empowerment

Patient Cloud’s commitment to patient centricity is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Our Patient Insights Board consists of patients with real clinical trial experience who work closely with our talented design teams through product ideation, design, and certification. 

From sensors and live video visits to intuitive mobile apps, our solutions merge more smoothly into people’s everyday lives and create engaging interactions at every point of contact.

A Unified Patient Experience in Clinical Trials

Patient Cloud solutions come unified with the Medidata Platform, the platform already used by the majority of clinical trials in the world. While our competitors may be compatible with the Medidata Platform, integration is not simplification. 

Patient Cloud eliminates the need for additional workflows so you can expedite timelines, mitigate risk, speed deployment, and reduce burdens. Our scalable, end-to-end platform offers easy configuration and multiple delivery models based on your needs.

Achieve Your Goals Faster

Patient Cloud is a suite of powerful, patient-centric solutions that empowers people with choice so you can efficiently recruit the widest, most inclusive pool of participants, keep them engaged throughout your trial, and produce better study results. 

We make clinical trials faster and more successful by reducing burdens for both patients and site staff.

Key Features

Single Destination Patient Portal

Single Destination Patient Portal

Built with greater flexibility in mind, Patient Cloud breaks down the barriers of traditional clinical trials through a single, patient portal designed to easily capture the patient experience in clinical trials regardless of location.

Patients as Partners

Medidata’s Patient Insights Program leverages direct patient feedback to create solutions designed to improve the overall experience in clinical research. A better overall study experience makes it easier for patients to stay enrolled in trials while expediting timelines and reducing overall costs for sites and sponsors.

Synergies with Medidata Platform

Ingest and analyze data from any disparate data source while easily integrating with the Medidata Platform platform through a single sign-on which gives sponsors a broader view of the entire patient experience.

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eCOA provides a flexible, intuitive model for capturing patient data that is designed to make it easier for patients to engage in clinical trials. Built as part of the unified Medidata Platform, eCOA improves your study experience with flexible deployment options, a groundbreaking global instrument library, and dedicated services and support. 

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Supporting both onsite and remote consent, Medidata eConsent is proven to be a superior learning tool for patients. Our regulatory and IRB-approved process automates patient review of study materials and provides better tools for connecting sites and patients. Patient consent data is fully integrated with Rave EDC, further streamlining the enrollment process.

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Sensor Cloud

Medidata Sensor Cloud delivers a more complete picture of the patient experience while allowing for greater flexibility throughout clinical trials. Our common model enables rapid ingestion, standardization, and analysis of data from any device resulting in greater clinical insights that can deliver more effective treatments and ultimately new therapies for patients.

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myMedidata is a clinical research portal-for-life. Accessed using any web-enabled device, patients can use myMedidata to find, learn about, enroll and participate in all clinical trial activities from a single user interface.

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myMedidata Registries

myMedidata Registries helps patients learn more about clinical trial opportunities by expanding patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement, resulting in a community of educated, empowered and engaged patients.

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Decentralized Clinical Trials

With our expanded Decentralized Clinical Trials Program, we are delivering the industry’s only scalable, end-to-end offering for trial decentralization that connects trial experiences for patients, sites, and sponsors.

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Medidata Decentralized Clinical Trials Program

At Medidata, our focus has been on providing complete decentralized trial activities, in how patients participate and provide data for clinical trials, how drugs are shipped to the patient, and how trial data is managed and monitored post-capture. We believe having a comprehensive, interoperable solution to manage the conduct and oversight of DCTs is the future of clinical studies.

Accelerate Clinical Trial Recruitment Timelines

Learn how myMedidata Registries helps you accelerate clinical trial recruitment timelines by building a global community of patients who have already shown an interest in participating in clinical trials.

Advancing Decentralized Clinical Trials Through a Unified Approach to eCOA and Digital Health Technologies

Drug developers are increasingly harnessing the combined power of objective data measured using digital health technologies (DHTs) and subjective clinical outcome assessments that include patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

Uniting these two complementary mechanisms is enabling the development of comprehensive patient profiles that better inform how patients experience their disease and respond to treatment.

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