Medidata’s Support for Academic Clinical Trials

Address your unique challenges with dedicated offerings and support.

Medidata’s Support for Academic Clinical Trials

How does Medidata support Academic Clinical Trials?

Medidata understands that Academic Clinical Trials present unique challenges, such as financing, logistics, and resource allocation. Because of this, Medidata has created a program that supports your particular needs. This program offers specialized pricing, dedicated account management, product enablement, project management, and Professional Services support for trials using the Medidata Platform

In the 20 years since this program’s inception, we have served as a clinical trial technology partner to over 75 organizations, including the National Cancer Institute, City of Hope, and the University of Southern California. 

In addition to discounted software, Medidata also offers unique delivery models, including enablement that allows you to complete your study builds and migrate existing studies into the Medidata Unified Platform. We also provide a dedicated cross-functional project management team throughout the life of your studies. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how Medidata supports Academic Clinical Trials.

Why Do Organizations Running Academic Clinical Trials Trust Medidata?

Medidata has earned the trust of the Academic Clinical Trial community over many years, securing long-term relationships with government agencies, universities, hospital networks, and not-for-profit organizations. Our commitment to Academic Clinical Trials began over 20 years ago with our co-founder, Glen de Vries. Working as a clinical researcher at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Glen envisioned the next generation of clinical trials and created a digital research infrastructure to support them. Subsequently, he and Tarek Sharif founded Medidata in 1999. Today, Medidata has the most used clinical research platform in the world. We continue to honor and support Glen’s commitment to your work and contributions to the life sciences industry.

One clinical trial technology platform to power people, processes, and progress.

Medidata supports governments, hospitals, universities, and not-for-profit organizations to adapt, simplify, scale, and accelerate your Clinical Trials, from protocol design, to study startup, conduct, and close-out. Our unified platform enables your studies with cloud-based, modular, configurable capabilities to ensure you have the capabilities you need to address the specific needs of each protocol.

Unlock Greater Efficiencies and Ease-of-Use with the Medidata Platform

Medidata understands how demanding and complex it can be to run Academic Clinical Trials. Our goal is to enable you to use our unified clinical platform for your study’s electronic data capture, electronic consent, randomization and trial supply management, electronic patient-reported outcomes, remote source review, risk-based quality management, maintaining an electronic  trial master file, and more! 

Awareness, Access, and Data Power Greater Diversity in Clinical Trials

At Medidata, we are committed to ensuring that all patients have access to treatment by breaking barriers and challenging norms to improve access to comprehensive, quality services. With a concentration on diversity in clinical trials, drug repurposing, and patient advocacy, we are creating a better world for patients.

Medidata provides insights that allow you to take action to improve study diversity during the planning stages. This enables you to make qualified decisions about the selection of sites that will perform well and know how to recruit diverse patients.

Dedicated Pricing Model Supports the Needs of Academic Clinical Trials

We fully understand the differences and challenges between Academic Clinical Trials and commercial studies. Because of this, we are proud to support Academic and public institutions with a discounted pricing model to ensure access to all the Medidata solutions needed for your trials.

Build Studies with Greater Flexibility and Control with Enablement

Given that many organizations that run Academic Clinical Trials have greater sensitivity in pricing but have the workforce to do things in house, our academic enablement program is a great fit for those who run multiple studies. This program will enable you to complete builds on the modules of your choice, such as Rave EDC, RTSM, eCOA and more! This program also comes with dedicated project management for the duration of the engagement, including monthly check-in calls and on-demand support.