Medical Device Clinical Trials

Achieve clinical, regulatory,
and commercial success

Facing increasing regulatory complexity and scrutiny, medical device companies rely on Medidata to generate evidence, improve patient safety, and comply with requirements such as EU MDR.

One technology platform to power people, processes, and progress.

Medidata helps you adapt, simplify, scale, and accelerate your clinical trials, from protocol design to study startup, conduct, close-out, and commercialization.

Our platform is built to enable you with cloud-based, modular, integrable, easily configurable capabilities, all powered by the latest patient, clinical and operational data, and AI solutions.

The industry’s only complete Decentralized Clinical Trial solution

It’s indisputable. The decentralized clinical trial is the future for medical device companies. But not all decentralized clinical trial solutions are the same. You need a solution that’s easy to implement, easy to use, efficient, and unrivaled in its ability to strengthen your data.

Truth in data:

  • 800+ studies, 600K+ patients, 44K+ sites using a Medidata DCT solution
  • Supported one of the fastest-recruiting decentralized trials in history with 30,000+ patients and 13,000+ devices

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The industry’s only platform to leverage cross-industry clinical trial data

Advanced data and analytics present an enormous opportunity to medical device companies. The challenge is finding a solution that balances cost, patient safety, and data integrity – while delivering the intelligence you need at every step in your medical device clinical trials.

Truth in data:

  • Clinical trial data from 7 million patients and 25,000+ trials
  • 45B+ data points
  • 63% growth in data volume in 4 years

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The results-driven approach to unifying teams, data, and processes

Disconnected data sets and processes lead to trial delays and extra costs for medical device companies. The solution? Standardize on a single, easy-to-use cloud-based platform, enhancing visibility across trials, accelerating time-to-market, and ensuring data security, privacy, and compliance.

Truth in data:

  • 5 days to reach database lock
  • 80% reduction in data correction rates
  • 40% reduction in edit checks

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The industry’s most comprehensive patient-centric solutions

New patient technology and processes can present unique challenges to medical device companies. We can help. Our industry-leading patient solutions ensure data security, privacy, and compliance while increasing patient recruitment and retention in your medical device clinical trials.

Truth in data:

  • Cross-industry clinical trial data from over 25,000 trials and over 7 million patients
  • Datasets pre-integrated with real world data

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“We have launched over 200 sites in the US. For us to do pre-procedure planning or actually see every single film and drive to every single account, it’s impossible.

With the [Medidata Connected Patient Platform], the valve coordinators can upload [documents] and we could actually see everything prior to walking into the case.”

David Lopez
Account Manager, Structural Heart