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MedTech innovators, large and small, rely upon trusted clinical research partners in a landscape marked by escalating regulatory complexities, mounting cost pressures, rapid digitalization, and exploding health data ecosystems. 

Medidata is a leader with over two decades of continuous digital innovation backed by devoted Medical Device and Diagnostic experts that understand your specific study needs.


Why do MedTech companies trust Medidata for their clinical trials?

Medidata understands the importance of moving your devices and diagnostics safely and efficiently through regulatory pathways to market. Leveraging our profound expertise in essential therapeutic domains like Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, and Neurology, and integrating the latest innovative concepts, we are poised to accelerate your product’s journey from concept to market and beyond.


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We’ve conducted 810+ MedTech Trials


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Collaborated with 195+ distinct MedTech sponsors


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Supported operations across 21,300+ MedTech Sites



Served 400,000+ participants during their MedTech Trials

A Few of Our Partners & Customers

A Unified Approach to Expand Portfolios

“A consistent, unified approach to manage all our clinical trials as we expand our portfolio of advanced medical products to better the lives of patients.”

Guidance Every Step of the Way

“Medidata was great. They created user requirements. They drafted documents for us, and they really guided us every step of the way.”

Better Management

“What we liked about the Medidata platform was the ability for us to better manage our clinical studies with improved oversight and reporting capabilities.”

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Emerging MedTech Program

Learn more about the Emerging MedTech Program designed for companies with 5 to 50 employees conducting clinical trials. This program enables emerging MedTech to access cutting-edge clinical solutions with pricing packages tailored to best meet their needs and budget.

The MedTech Early Stage Clinical Program is designed for Early Stage, Proof of Concept, Feasibility or Pilot MedTech trials regardless of company size or therapeutic area.

Experts Share Insights on Industry Challenges and the Value of Choosing the Right Technology Provider

Medical device clinical trials encounter distinctive hurdles, owing to the swiftly evolving medical device landscape, intricate regulations, cost constraints, and the shift toward value-based care. To overcome these obstacles, reliable clinical evidence is crucial for gaining acceptance from regulators, payers, and patients. This white paper offers insights from interviews with medical device industry decision-makers, addressing pain points, key considerations for clinical trial solutions, and thoughts on future technology areas.

The Convergence of Data and Regulatory Compliance

Adapting to new regulatory requirements is crucial for companies’ commercial viability and reputation, and the ability to respond quickly and efficiently is vital. This paper focuses on the ever-changing regulatory environment in the medical devices industry.

Challenges and New Approaches to Developing Clinical Evidence For Medical Devices Featuring Industry Executive Insights

This eBook explores the role of clinical evidence in MedTech, highlighting the limitations of traditional randomized controlled trials for medical devices. It proposes alternative methods for gathering valid clinical evidence, balancing efficiency, cost, and scientific rigor in response to evolving regulatory and technological landscapes.

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We reimage MedTech to optimize processes and expand what’s possible at every stage of the product lifecycle from concept through commercialization—and back again. Whether you are launching your first device or planning your moonshot, we empower you with cutting-edge virtualization, advanced technologies, and deep industry expertise to help you mitigate risk, bring quality products to market faster and keep the patient at the heart of MedTech innovation.