Rave Data Management

Medidata’s Rave Data Management solutions for clinical data management and clinical data capture eliminate complex, manual processes and deliver higher quality data for faster insights. Resulting in critical reductions in study build time, query volume, data correction rates, and reporting turnaround.

Rave Data Management solutions, running on the Medidata Clinical Cloud®, deliver interoperability between Rave EDC, eCOA, eConsent, myMedidata, Sensor Cloud, RTSM, Imaging, Coder, Safety Gateway and Patient Data Surveillance.

Clinical Data Capture and Management Demo

See the Medidata Platform’s clinical data capture and management capabilities in action. Includes eConsent, eCOA, RTSM, Sensors, Imaging, and capture of EHR data; and Patient Data Surveillance with no code, drag and drop listings, and automatic generation/posting of multiple queries to enable comprehensive, aggregated data review.

Your Path to Next-Generation Clinical Data Management

01 What’s NEW

What’s New and Next in Rave Data Management

As the variety, volume, and velocity of data from remote patient care, imaging, wearables, labs, and other sources have grown, traditional clinical data management processes need to scale and be more effective.

Medidata is leveraging its expertise gained in over 30,000 trials to advance next-generation clinical data management solutions that let sponsors and CROs deliver high-quality data faster and more efficiently.

02 Patient Data Surveillance

Accelerate Aggregated Patient Data Review

The Medidata Platform’s Patient Data Surveillance module includes Data Reviewer and Patient Profiles capabilities. Data Reviewer allows data managers to automate data review and reconciliation with AI and bulk query management. Patient Profiles enables intuitive, in-depth patient safety reviews across all data sources.

03 Transformation to Clinical Data Science

Empowering The Transformation From Clinical Data Management To Clinical Data Science: We Have The Technology!

As the clinical trial data acquisition landscape expands, the industry requires new approaches to support the rapid pace and increasing diversity of data sources. Thus, it’s not surprising that the focus of clinical data management teams is shifting from reactive, exhaustive data cleaning to proactive, risk-based clinical data science.

Learn how Medidata empowers clinical data managers to transform into clinical data scientists and become more efficient, effective, and expert.

04 Risk Proofing Decision-Making

Risk Proofing Decision-Making

Protocol requirements often involve multiple data points from different data sources to determine screening criteria and calculate endpoint measurements. Multiple methods of data collection from sources like EDC, RTSM, eCOA, and Imaging increase data silos making it harder for site staff and study teams to access clean, reliable data and reducing the ability to make effective decisions This recorded presentation uses typical protocol requirements and illustrate the value of using the Medidata Clinical Cloud to collect and aggregate data to drive key study conduct decisions such as screening, open-label extensions, and cycle decisions.

05 Adaptive Trials

Adaptive Trials

Adaptive designs leverage accumulating results during a study to adapt the course of the trial and benefit both early and confirmatory studies. 

Medidata has extensive experience with adaptive trial designs. Our multidisciplinary expert teams can help with the planning and implementation of your adaptive design, so that common challenges and pitfalls are circumvented.

Benefits of Rave Data Management

Reduced Risk

Reduce risk to data integrity, data quality and patient safety. The Medidata Clinical Cloud delivers complete data transparency within a study or across a portfolio, empowering study teams to accelerate decision-making and drive study efficiencies, ultimately reducing risk and timelines.

Accelerated Timelines

Managing all your data on a single, unified platform improves pace and productivity. 

The Medidata Clinical Cloud offers streamlined workflows enabling faster study build and database lock.

Agility and Flexibility

Medidata’s platform meets the agility and flexibility needs of any trial. Medidata and our customers perform an average of over 30,000 mid-study changes per year, including for studies with tens of thousands of patients. The combination of our technology and experienced Professional Services team ensures smooth implementation of mid-study changes, with minimal downtime, for even the most complex, large-scale, and time-critical trials.

Simplified Integration

The Medidata Clinical Cloud unified platform delivers full interoperability across our applications. It enables you to reduce redundancy and non-value added activities derived from data transfers, integrations and reconciliations common with disparate systems.

Medidata also has an open integration framework and APIs enabling integration with any in-house or 3rd party system.

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Revolutionizing Clinical Studies with Adaptive Trial Designs

Medidata has extensive experience with adaptive trial designs. Our multidisciplinary expert teams can help with the planning and implementation of your adaptive design, so that common challenges and pitfalls are circumvented. Discover the benefits of adaptive clinical trial designs. Maximize outcomes, efficacy, and patient safety.

NY NEXT Benefits Beyond EDC

The fireside chat will cover a pharmaceutical company’s experience on the decision-making process to move to the platform and what they have learned in the process, and a CRO will describe how it has positively impacted the study build, conduct and close out processes.

Personalized Assessment Tool

What are your biggest challenges and priorities for clinical data capture and management in your studies?

Explore our interactive tool to discover how Medidata’s solutions can help you address your specific challenges, and receive a personalized action plan.

Product Showcase: Innovation in Action: AI and Automation Delivers for Clinical Data Managers Today!

See how clinical data management teams can accelerate data review and focus on critical data insights using automation, AI, and analytics on the Medidata Platform.

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