Sensor Cloud

Elevating patient care and enriching scientific evidence

Medidata Sensor Cloud supports over 50 validated measures and algorithms across episodic and continuous sensors. We equip patients with a simple integrated experience to collect objective sensor data alongside subjective eCOA data. Clinicians and study managers have access to powerful study management and reporting tools to help monitor patient compliance and see meaningful insights and trends. Our data science experts deliver advanced analytics that combine objective and subjective data for complete patient views.

The Sensor Cloud Advantage

Enrich Scientific Evidence

Support endpoints and label claims by complementing subjective eCOA data with objective sensor data. Reduce the number of patients needed for studies with continuous high-volume data.

Elevate Patient Care

Reduce patient burden with passive and at-home data collection by giving patients unobtrusive options for sensor data capture alongside an intuitive mobile app experience.

Simplify Study Management

Streamline sensor use in your trials by working with a single trusted partner. Leverage our sensor integrations and study management tools designed on a unified platform.

Deepen Therapeutic Area Expertise

Differentiate yourself against competitors with the latest technology and methods for sensor use in clinical trials. Equip sponsors to achieve value of sensor data without the hassle through a unified experience.

Key Features

Validated Measures
  • Over 50 validated measures available via the Sensor Cloud Network
  • FDA-cleared 510(k) sensors for targeted therapeutic areas
  • Rigorously tested integrations with secure data flows
Patient Experience
  • Direct sensor integrations with the myMedidata app
  • Clear and concise sensor instructions for sensor use
  • One place for patients to manage sensor and eCOA activities
Study Management
  • Low-code/no-code sensor study configuration in Medidata Designer
  • Dashboards for patient management and compliance monitoring
  • White-glove services including logistics, training, helpdesk, and data management
Insight and Analytics
  • Powerful suite of dashboard and reports for study managers and clinicians
  • Advanced analytics that combine objective sensor data and subjective eCOA data
  • Seamless data transfer in flexible formats

Learn More

Sensor Cloud Fact Sheet

Learn more about the features and benefits of Medidata’s seamless sensor solution.

Walking the Walk: At-home Functional Capacity Assessments Powered by AI

Learn how Medidata reinvented the six-minute walk test with wearable sensors to generate datasets ready to yield AI-powered insights. While this standard functional capacity assessment is traditionally restricted to the clinic, our innovations alongside academic partners have made it possible for patients to complete this assessment from home, easing patient burden and generating higher fidelity cardiac and motion datasets for clinicians to intervene sooner during patient care.

Digital Biomarker Innovation with Labcorp & Sensor Cloud

In this Q&A, Dr. Bola Oyegunwa discusses Labcorp’s partnership with Medidata to enhance the patient experience using sensors in pursuit of our shared vision to transform clinical insights through digital health technology.

Advancing Decentralized Clinical Trials Through a Unified Approach to eCOA and Digital Health Technologies

Sponsors are increasingly harnessing the combined power of objective data measured using digital health technologies (DHTs) and subjective clinical outcome assessments that include patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Uniting these two complementary mechanisms is enabling the development of comprehensive patient profiles that better inform how patients experience their disease and respond to treatment.

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