Medidata Health Record Connect

Medidata Health Record Connect is a healthcare data interoperability engine for securely and compliantly acquiring, transforming, and exchanging electronic health record (EHR) data, powering a whole new level of collaboration and visibility into a patient’s critical healthcare information. Leveraging a multi-pronged approach to connectivity, Medidata Health Record Connect ensures that the right data from the right site and patient can be securely acquired, transformed, and presented to the appropriate users in a single user experience.

Key Features and Benefits of Medidata Health Record Connect

Connects to any healthcare system, using whatever protocol or standard is appropriate for each site, enabling quicker startup times and higher adoption rates.

Out-of-the-box scalability with connectivity to a wide range of healthcare organizations and physician practices through Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). No need to create one connection at a time.

Works with any format or protocol, including those commonly used to communicate healthcare information across the USA.

Leverage site healthcare data across all Medidata applications, regardless of communication format.

By pulling in data from multiple sources, users get a full view of the patient’s history, not just information from their own site, enabling richer patient insights.

Medidata Health Record Connect powers a wide range of workflows and use cases including, but not limited to, Medidata Surgical Planning, Real-World Data (RWD)  aggregation and insights, and data collaboration within a clinical trial* using Rave Companion.

*Note: For interventional trials only. All users must be employed by the institution in which the data is accessed, under the supervision of a physician or PI (Principal Investigator) at all times, and be involved in the monitoring of safety events and study outcomes for patients enrolled in research.

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Bridging the Gap – TEFCA, Healthcare Data Interoperability, and Clinical Research Use Cases

The issues of healthcare data interoperability and integration have directly affected the ability to deliver better healthcare, significantly impacted patient safety, and hindered access to clear, complete source data and insights for analysis and research. This, in turn, has had a direct impact on clinical trials. These issues have plagued the industry for decades. So, it’s no surprise that key questions asked are: why is this still an issue, and what’s being done to improve matters?

Leveraging Healthcare Data Interoperability for Clinical Research Use Cases

Over the past ten years, enormous opportunities have emerged due to advancements in healthcare data interoperability. Watch our NEXT New York 2023 presentation to explore the potential clinical research use cases empowered with that interoperability, discover how Medidata is building a platform-centric approach to interoperability, and see how the interoperability landscape will evolve over the next five years.

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