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Why 9 of the Top 10 CRO Partners Trust Medidata

Medidata offers the only proven, end-to-end life science technology platform. When it comes to proven innovative technology, and best-in-class partnership experience, no other technology partner is better suited to help you win more sponsor bids and execute them successfully to deliver improved outcomes.

One technology platform to power people, processes, and progress.

Medidata helps you adapt, simplify, scale, and accelerate your clinical trials, from protocol design to study startup, conduct, close-out, and commercialization.

Our platform is built to enable you with cloud-based, modular, integrable, easily configurable capabilities, all powered by the latest patient, clinical and operational data, and AI solutions.

The industry’s only complete decentralized clinical trial solution

Truth in data:

  • 800+ studies, 600K+ patients, 44K+ sites using a Medidata DCT solution
  • 8 of top 10 CROs have used Medidata’s DCT solutions
  • Supported one of the fastest-recruiting decentralized trials in history with 30,000+ patients and 13,000+ devices

Read more about our end-to-end decentralized clinical trials for CROs.

The industry’s only platform to leverage cross-industry clinical trial data

Truth in data:

  • Clinical trial data from 7 million patients and 25,000+ trials
  • 45B+ data points
  • 63% growth in data volume in 4 years

Learn more about our data and analytics solutions for CROs.

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The results-driven approach to unifying teams, data, and processes

Truth in data:

  • 5 days to reach database lock
  • 80% reduction in data correction rates
  • 40% reduction in edit checks

Learn more about our unified technology platform for CROs.

The industry’s most comprehensive patient-centric solutions

Truth in data:

  • Cross-industry clinical trial data from over 25,000 trials and over 7 million patients
  • Datasets pre-integrated with real world data

Learn more about our patient-centric clinical trial solutions for CROs.

Resources for CRO Partners

Data is the Future of Clinical Trials

Data is the Future of Clinical Trials

This eBook is an overview on how CROs can lead with data to improve their study integrity, reduce risks, optimize patient safety, and increase their trial success rates.

The Ultimate Guide to Decentralized Clinical Trials: CRO Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Decentralized Clinical Trials: CRO Edition

The CRO Partnership Playbook

The CRO Partnership Playbook

Partnering with technology vendors that go beyond transactional relationships is imperative to deliver the pace and performance to compete and outperform the industry. Read this interactive eBook to learn more about our time-tested partner program, designed to optimize trial performance, win more bids, and stand out from the competition.

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