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Unlock your next-level market advantage

Improve your commercial success, operational efficiency, and competitive edge by leveraging the industry’s most comprehensive and adaptable clinical trial technology platform.

CRO Partners
Unlock your next-level market advantage

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Access exclusive tools and resources to drive growth and deliver on your sponsors’ needs for faster, more efficient, high-quality clinical trials.

Differentiate your business with the industry’s most comprehensive clinical trial technology across all phases, all therapeutic areas and levels of complexity. Leverage a world-class set of dedicated experts helping you to win more and outperform your competition.

Our Current Partners

Whether our CRO Partners aim to fast-track study initiation, optimize trial outsourcing, enhance monitoring intelligence, or elevate the operational efficiency of their clinical trials, they trust Medidata to guide them every step of the way.

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Gain advantage with a leading Partner Program. Leverage a global program dedicated to helping CROs of all sizes discover and secure opportunities for commercial success.

Win, outperform, and innovate in a fiercely competitive market.

Success Stories from CROs

Innovating Together

“Our partnership with Medidata allows us to continue to bring our customers the level of patient focus and insights they need and expect. Making the Medidata Platform available to our clients was an important step to enabling us to accelerate clinical trial development for our customers – small and mid-sized biotech companies.”

Solving Trial Complexity

“The technology from Medidata drives our success in bringing new clinical studies to Latin America by automating our workflow and streamlining manual processes. This is a tremendous opportunity to make our region a showcase for clinical research and the development of therapies to benefit patients.”

A 15-year Partnership Win

“Our partnership definitely shifts the dynamics in terms of benefits along the cost, time, and value continuum.”

A Decade of Partnership

“PROMETRIKA’s accreditation in RTSM allows us to offer greater efficiencies in clinical trial management to all of our Sponsor partners.”

The Partnership to Win, Innovate, and Outperform

Over 240 CRO Partners, including 9 of the top 10, trust Medidata for its technology, expertise, AI-driven insights, and the world’s largest patient-level clinical trial data from 9+ million outcomes across 30,000+ trials.

Niche CROs to leading players – across phases and therapy areas – maximize value by identifying revenue gaps, responding to sponsors’ needs and budgets, and optimizing clinical development.

Collaborate with a specialized team committed to driving your success, innovation, and performance.

Why CROs Choose and Trust Medidata

Innovators, disruptors, and industry leaders, our CRO Partners rely on our proven technology and unmatched partnership experience to navigate complexities and adapt to varying trial sizes, thereby gaining a competitive advantage and outperforming in any trial environment.


CRO Partners

including 9 out of the top 10 CROs, 134 for 5+ and 212 for 10+ years


Clinical Trials

including 2,000+ rare disease studies and 90% of oncology approvals in 2022

9+ million


achieving >95% of patient compliance when using our tools


of FDA-approved Drugs

developed on Medidata software in 2022

Win. Innovate. Outperform.

Propel your commercial success, operational efficiency, and competitive edge.

Unlock your next-level market advantage with the technology, expertise, and support dedicated to you and your sponsors.

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