Medidata Clinical Data Studio

Unlock the True Power of Clinical Research Data

Medidata Clinical Data Studio is a data management and quality experience that provides seamless access to integrated data from Medidata and non-Medidata sources. It leverages AI to streamline data aggregation, standardization, and management workflows so that multiple users can review real-time data to shorten timelines, reduce risk, and ensure safety.

Benefits of Clinical Data Studio

Accelerate Data Review and Ensure Data Quality

With Clinical Data Studio, clinical data management has access to review all clinical trial data in one place. Assisted by AI and automation, data managers can shorten review cycle times by up to 80% per review cycle.

Manage Risks and Identify and Action Issues Earlier

Clinical Data Studio, with embedded AI and smart analytics, enables clinical operations teams to centrally monitor, manage, and mitigate data quality and patient safety risks.

Spot Patient Safety Signals Sooner

With all the data in one place, sponsors, medical monitors, and sites can easily set up and visualize the patient journey with comprehensive patient narrative profiles.

Clinical Data Studio provides medical monitors with a full view of efficacy and safety trends across all aggregated patient data. This allows them to identify unexpected and emerging patterns and spot potential patient safety issues. They also gain access to oncology-specific analytics and dashboards to explore complex RECIST 1.1 data easily.

Reduce Technical Complexity and Burden

Clinical Data Studio is an experience delivered on the Medidata Platform and accesses Rave EDC data directly rather than adding another system and integration to maintain. It can be up and running in as little as three days, and its low/no-code environment means it doesn’t require expensive managed services to operate. Instead, it reduces reliance on technical resources by simplifying importing (from non-Medidata sources), integrating, and standardizing data.

Proof Points


Less Programming Time

Reduction in time generating listings


Automated Data Reviews

Reduction in data review cycle time


Minimal Configuration

Reduction in KRI configuration time

3 days

Shorter Time to Action

As little as 3 days to get up and running

Key Features of Clinical Data Studio

Clinical Data Studio positively impacts your data quality through features delivered in a single, high-quality user experience.

Data Integration

No/low-code Data Ingestion, Standardization, and Transformation

In a no/low-code environment, Clinical Data Studio enables self-service data import, validation, unit conversion, and custom dataset integration to aggregate and standardize data from multiple sources (Medidata and non-Medidata) and make it available to clinical data managers, central monitors, and medical monitors for review and analytics.

Data Review

Data Review and Surveillance

With Clinical Data Studio’s Data Surveillance capabilities, data review listings are created without programming, Rave EDC queries are automatically generated, AI assists with data reconciliation, data can be easily visualized, complete patient profiles can be built, and progress in data cleaning can be tracked.


Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM)

Clinical Data Studio brings your risk-based strategies to all your clinical data in one place. Quickly configure and monitor KRIs (key risk indicators) and QTLs (quality tolerance limits). Uncover site performance and compliance risks, using AI to discover anomalies and unusual trends. Identify data quality and patient safety issues sooner.

What our Customers have to say


“Clinical Data Studio [formerly Detect] allows us to perform a deep dive into the data analytics. It really allows us to see a full landscape of the data.”

– Heidi McIntyre, Director of Centralized Data Monitoring, Moderna

Syneos Health

“We need to think about including safety, medical, clinical, and everybody on the same platform, and using the single source of the truth. Clinical Data Studio [formerly Detect] provides us that capability.”

– Haiyan Wei, Senior Vice President, Clinical Data Sciences

Aperio Clinical Outcomes

“We love Medidata Clinical Data Studio [formerly Detect]. I want every sponsor to use Clinical Data Studio!”

– Melissa Hancock, Director, eClinical Technologies, Aperio Clinical Outcomes

Orion Corporation

“It was important for us to have this one technology where everybody looks at the same data to drive our decision-making processes. That is what Clinical Data Studio [formerly Detect] gives us. It also helps with our data review, and making that faster, ensuring we are focusing on the right areas.”

– Geneveve Nadeau, Director, UK Head, RBQM & Clinical Operations

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