Medidata Clinical Data Studio

Advanced Insights, Visualization, & Analytics

Medidata Clinical Data Studio is an intuitive, consistent data experience that unlocks the true power of clinical research data. Powered by Medidata’s unified platform and enhanced with AI, Clinical Data Studio streamlines data integration, standardization, management, and usage processes.

Data Experiences in Clinical Data Studio

Improve Patient Data Oversight and Clinical Data Management Efficiency

Data Surveillance is a clinical data management experience that accelerates data aggregation, review, and visualization across all sources of clinical trial data. With Data Surveillance, powered by Medidata Detect, clinical data managers and medical monitors can collaborate to review patient data more efficiently, resolve queries faster, and identify issues sooner.

Comprehensive Data and Risk Surveillance

The increased volume, variety, and velocity of data collected in today’s trials raise new challenges for managing data quality. The Data Quality Management experience solves many of these challenges in a comprehensive data surveillance and risk management solution that allows cross-functional teams to monitor and mitigate risks to data integrity and patient safety.   

Powered by Medidata Detect, Data Quality Management provides clean, integrated patient data from all sources, simplified patient profile reviews, site performance monitoring, anomaly detection, and faster time to database lock. Data Quality Management ensures data quality and improves efficiency with real-time insights delivered in intuitive and actionable readouts.

Key Features of Clinical Data Studio

Clinical Data Studio positively impacts your data quality through features delivered in a single, high-quality user experience.

Data Ingestion and Streaming

Self-Service Data Ingestion and Real-Time Streaming

Clinical Data Studio provides access to data from Medidata data sources, including Rave EDC, and simplifies importing data from any non-Medidata source such as labs or another EDC system. Your data transfer agreements can be configured into Clinical Data Studio to validate data as it’s ingested.

The data streaming architecture of the Medidata Platform means that data acquired on or ingested into the platform is streamed to data transformation and quality management tasks in real time so that all data stakeholders are working with the latest data.

Data Transformation

Low Code / No Code Data Transformation

Clinical Data Studio enables any user (data manager, central monitor, clinical programmer, data scientist, and biostatistician) to perform unit conversions, build complex datasets from multi-source data (Medidata and non-Medidata) for use in listings, anomaly detection, and visualizations. Users can also transform raw data into SDTM-like datasets for analysis.

Clinical Data Studio maintains full traceability of all data transformations so the users can always see what and how data was transformed.

Data Review and Reconciliation

Data Review, Automated Query Management,  and AI-Assisted Data Reconciliation

Clinical Data Studio enables listings spanning multiple data sources to be easily created using a drag-and-drop expression builder, queries to be automatically generated and posted for Rave EDC data, and common datasets to be reconciled with AI-assistance.

Data Issue Collaboration

Collaboration for Issues with Non-Medidata Sourced Data

Raise, track, and resolve queries and issues with non-Medidata-sourced data. Clinical Data Studio enables direct collaboration to resolve data issues with the organization (for example, a laboratory) that the data came from.

Dynamic Visualizations

Dynamic Visualizations with Deep Links

Clinical Data Studio enables the creation of custom data visualizations that can be dynamically filtered to focus on exactly what you want to investigate. These visualizations are directly linked to the source data, so you can drill down to find the source of any apparent issues or anomalies.