10 Data Linkage Use Cases to Future-Proof Clinical Trials eBook

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10 Data Linkage Use Cases to Future-Proof Your Clinical Trial

Accessing compelling and relevant evidence is crucial to drug development, safety monitoring, and improved patient outcomes. However, gaps between clinical trial data (CTD) and real world data (RWD) make it difficult to fully understand what happens to patients outside of a clinical trial. These gaps hinder evidence generation and result in missed insights.

Medidata Link is the only centralized technology solution that works across multiple clinical research sites to connect patient-level CTD and RWD. In this eBook, we discuss Medidata Link use cases in varied indications across the clinical development lifecycle, including:

  • Tracking Patients Lost to Follow-up
  • Reducing Patient Burden and Augmenting Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • Monitoring and Contextualizing Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Quantifying Healthcare Resource Utilization
  • Evidence for Label Expansions
  • Long-term Safety and Effectiveness Tracking
  • Use in Expedited Programs
  • Support Regulatory Grade Pragmatic Trials
  • Improve Quality of External Control Arms (ECAs) Built Using RWD
  • Enable Head to Head Comparison Not Studied in Clinical Trials
10 Data Linkage Use Cases to Future-Proof Your Clinical Trial