A Sustainable Future

Medidata is committed to Creating a Better World.

Our mission-driven program is embedded in our business and culture from employee engagement to our customer experience.

Partnerships and Commitments

As signatories of the UN Global Compact, our program is designed for the highest level of impact.  Our Social Responsibility and Diversity & Belonging program is ingrained in our DNA and we believe in taking a strong position on human rights and sustainability.


Sustainability and Our Planet

As a cloud software company, Medidata’s impact on the environment is significantly less than that of manufacturers of physical goods; regardless, we continually strive for improvement. From analyzing our annual emissions data to creating sustainable offices that decrease our environmental impact, we believe that the work is never over.

We have submitted nonpublic assessments to the annual Carbon Disclosure Report (CDP) for the last three years to determine our environmental impact and identify opportunities to decrease emissions and energy use.

We have set an ongoing goal to situate 90% of our long-term office leases in U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold buildings and encourage sustainable waste management and responsible energy consumption within all of our offices.

Being more sustainable is a journey and we are continuing to evolve through local community outreach initiatives to encouraging more green space in our office.

Awards and Recognition

Since our program began in January 2018, we have garnered numerous awards for our impact driven program.  With our employees at the helm of our program, we can accelerate change and have a greater impact.


Our Annual Sustainability Report

Since 2017, we’ve published an annual Sustainability report to showcase our mission-driven work as a business and how we work to incorporate Sustainable practices into our Corporate Strategy.  We are stronger together and at Medidata, our employees help drive better treatments for patients but also use their expertise to make an impact.

To learn more about our Social Sesponsibility activities, download our Sustainability Report.  Our 2018 report will be uploaded shortly.