Accelerating Time-to-Market Case Study

A top-5 pharmaceutical company markets a new biotech drug with blockbuster potential, but a complex market creates challenges in data integration and reporting. The go-to-market plan is multifaceted and aggressive. The team is ready to go, but their existing sales business intelligence platform is not. Challenges include:

  • Poor data quality adversely impacting decision making and causing high turnover on an already frustrated sales team.
  • Existing data integration and reporting vendor not meeting client needs.
  • The company needed a partner with deep domain experience in specialty indications.

In the life sciences marketplace, companies innovate or fade away. Armed with a product that had the potential to change the market, leadership knew they needed the next generation of sales insight to power a successful launch and penetrate the marketplace. They needed SHYFT.

SHYFT: Innovation, Quality, and Insights

With exact and demanding requirements for a custom solution that could be integrated with existing on-premise systems, this leading biotech chose SHYFT. They found a partner who could deliver the technology, domain expertise, responsiveness required to get them to market, and the business intelligence to help their sales team own it. SHYFT delivered:

  • Quality: On time and on point data analytics that their sales team could trust
  • Expertise: Domain experts to drive both the operational and strategic design of the data, analytics, and metrics
  • Insights: Identification of untapped potential, leading to explosive growth opportunities

Results with Impact

Today, with a longstanding history of partnership, SHYFT and one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies continue to collaborate on industry insights and winning strategies. With over 1,000 stakeholders realizing the benefits of monthly and weekly analytics, the launch was deemed a success. The on-demand, fully managed solution frees up internal IT resources to focus on other business priorities. The sales team taps the data and domain expertise of SHYFT to respond quickly to the ever-changing requirements of the biotech marketplace. As data sources expand and evolve, analytics are enhanced to deliver the personalized intelligence that decision makers and sales leaders need to meet their goals. From launch to market leadership, SHYFT delivers results.