Exceeding Expectations for a Specialty Launch Case Study

A top emerging specialty pharmaceutical company meets and exceeds launch expectations for two brands using SHYFT's data and analytics solutions.

Reaching Launch Velocity

A specialty pharma company was poised to deliver two new innovative therapies into the infectious diseases market. The sales team needed the data to accurately and effectively represent very specialized products across a wide range of distribution channels. Performance needed to be measured rapidly and precisely, so changes could be implemented in near real-time to empower provider and patient-centric initiatives. Finding a single data and analytics platform with the specific therapeutic expertise to support this challenge proved difficult.

Precision Insights

Without the IT resources and expertise dedicated to product launches, commercial leadership struggled to devise and implement an effective go-to-market analytic strategy. The market required comprehension of multiple channels for two new products with limited access to an integrated data source to support their decisions.

  • IT was focused on multi-year corporate-wide initiatives, not on a fast turn-around, highly dynamic commercial analytics infrastructure.
  • Data was complex and spread across multiple channels, including retail, specialty pharmacies, and non-retail.
  • Internal stakeholders needed a partner with specific therapeutics domain experts for data and analytics.

Our customer knew they needed the next generation of commercial insights to power their go-to-market strategy backed by specialized domain expertise, a cloud-powered platform that could be implemented without IT resources, and personalized analytics customized to empower success in a very complex market. Enter SHYFT.

Depth and Breadth

SHYFT was selected for our proven ability to deliver complex, innovative data, and analytics in a very demanding timeframe:

  • Expertise: SHYFT formed a dedicated team with specialized therapeutic market experience to provide intense strategic support to launch planning and execution.
  • Decision Support: Through expert integration of specialized data across multiple channels, the SHYFT platform delivered opportunity identification and account-specific insights to drive commercial initiatives.
  • IT Independence: Cloud-powered platform solution, configured to the unique business requirements. SHYFT delivers on time and on budget, without consuming valuable IT resources.

Results with Impact

Armed with accurate, specialized data sets and innovative analytic tools, the product’s launch and subsequent market performance remains quite successful. A constant feedback loop of performance data continues to provide commercial leadership with the intelligence they need to capitalize on new opportunities. With an ongoing partnership of more than 6 years, SHYFT continues to provide the responsive support required to grow their Specialty business and adapt to the needs of a complex