Harnessing Supply Chain Insights Ahead of New Oncology Product Launches Case Study

During the preparation of two product launches, an international pharmaceutical biotech leverages analytics from STRATA and LUMEN to anticipate the needs of its entire distribution network.

About the Customer

International pharmaceutical biotech with products in specialties including dermatology, oncology, and cardiology.

The Challenge 

When a specialty multinational pharmaceutical company launched two new oncology products without a way to aggregate specialty data, teams across the organization faced a data access challenge. The existing infrastructure was unable to handle the complexity of specialty pharmacy and distribution data, leading to a 12-day turnaround time to generate insights. This latency caused the data to be virtually worthless as the scripts were largely adjudicated during those 12 days, without any opportunity for intervention by field sales or market access. Sales teams needed data from sources including distributors, logistics partners, and specialty pharmacies to prepare for the launch of both products. But in the initial stages of its deployment, the company faced the prospect of building a data warehouse from scratch. The company’s legacy analytics environment was not tightly integrated and, at the time, IT staff lacked the bandwidth to develop and deploy an extensive commercial analytics solution, and instead chose to leverage existing infrastructure in support of the new products.

“We have data spread across multiple channels including retail and pharmaceutical distributors,” says the VP of business analytics at the company. “Centralizing this data into a single integrated source would be crucial to the success of the product launches.”

STRATA and LUMEN from SHYFT, a Medidata company, allow the company to fully leverage enterprise-grade data processing and utilize analytics at the scale and cost it needs. These proven products, combined with SHYFT’s commercial life-sciences expertise in delivering meaningful insight and analytics, helped support more effective decision making among the company’s sales and marketing staff.

The Solution

The company uses STRATA to connect over 30 separate data sources including specialty distributors, pharmacies, and third-party logistics partners. This gives the company an additional layer of visibility and control over where prescriptions were in the adjudication process in order to intervene with health care personnel (HCPs) and payers, allowing its sales staff to prioritize partner needs and help ensure that its products successfully move from distributors to healthcare professionals and patients.

LUMEN processes this data to provide the company with targeted, user-specific insights on every distribution channel for each of its new products. These insights can be leveraged to support highly targeted decision making among in-field sales representatives, home-office operations, and marketing employees that help drive patient conversions and future revenue growth. Field sales representatives can access next-day information for script statuses, enabling them to take action to increase the likelihood of approvals. Cancer therapy medications have relatively stringent prior authorization criteria, so by following up with doctors when scripts are on hold due to missing information, sales representatives can reach out to HCPs and instruct them on best practices in completing referral forms. Likewise, on the payer side, having access to the same data, can help speed up approvals, enabling patients to receive their medication sooner. Both SHYFT solutions were also easily deployed within the company’s schedule and budget limits, reducing the need for costly IT investments. Additionally, during the initial launch planning process, the SHYFT team utilized its past experience developing analytics solutions in the oncology space to support the company’s specific launch requirements throughout the entire implementation and product launch cycle.

“We needed to deploy a platform for sales insights that could provide valuable business intelligence for our team members,” says the VP of business analytics. “LUMEN and STRATA deliver and break down high-density data, providing analytics to our sales and marketing staff at a consistently high level.”

The Results

Since its implementation, the company has seen the impact of STRATA and LUMEN in several areas. According to the company, the time its analytics platform takes from data processing to insight generation has been reduced from 12 days to only 1 day. By leveraging SHYFT’s cloud-powered solutions to integrate data across multiple channels and leaning on SHYFT’s dedicated team with specialized market experience for support, the company rapidly realized sales insights, enabling it to quickly make and benefit from more informed decisions while removing barriers to access, helping patients get on therapy faster.

As a result, the company also exceeded its initial peak year sales projections by 47 percent, boosting revenue and visibility for its new products. STRATA and LUMEN improved the reliability of the company’s analytics platform. On its legacy architecture, the company saw an average of more than 25 errors on its data management platform per week. Following the move to SHYFT solutions, this figure dropped to fewer than one error per week. The increased accuracy of aggregated data has made teams more confident about their insights, supporting the company’s continued focus on product growth and innovation.

“With launches of two new products, we see an opportunity to disrupt existing therapeutic trends and change treatment quality for the better,” says the VP of business analytics. “The quality of data and analytics provided by SHYFT gives us the ability to help our sales staff capitalize on new growth opportunities and drive responsive product development.”


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