Supporting a Shift to Value-Based Medicine Case Study

A large global pharmaceutical company recognized the importance of incorporating Real-World Evidence (RWE) into its product strategy and taps SHYFT to integrate the data and drive insight.

Real World Evidence (RWE): Implications of the Shift to Value-based Medicine

The healthcare market is shifting to more personalized and value-based medicine. As a result, life science companies need to rethink the silos that permeate their businesses and discover ways to manage real world data across the enterprise so that it can inform both clinical and commercial strategies simultaneously.  Addressing this need for patient-centric and evidence-based decision-making is critical for life science companies to be successful moving forward.

Integrating RWE to drive adoption across the clinical-commercial continuum

A large global pharmaceutical company recognized the importance of incorporating Real World Evidence data into its product lifecycle decision-making, however, capturing and integrating that data was no small task given its legacy systems and departmental data siloes.  They needed a solution that not only could integrate the data, but one that could also turn it into meaningful insights and effectively distribute those insights across the business quickly.

  • For broader adoption, the customer required an intuitive user interface that was more focused on driving action from the data, not more discovery and exploration.
  • They simply didn’t have the time or patience to wait for another long, expensive, and heavily managed solution to be deployed on premise.
  • They were set on arming their clinical and commercial teams with a novel approach to demystify these data for both the technical and non-technical user.

Our customer knew they needed an experienced partner to integrate RWE data effectively with the rest of their data and distribute it across the organization. They needed to accelerate the adoption of RWE data to fuel their patient centered clinical and commercial activity.  Overburdened internal resources could not take this task on and deliver in a timely manner, nor did they have the expertise to provide automated actionable insights for use across the clinical-commercial continuum – this was new territory. They knew they needed to act fast; they did not have years to wait for a solution.  They needed SHYFT.

Depth and Breadth

SHYFT was selected for our RWE expertise and proven ability to deliver complex, innovative data, and analytics in a very demanding timeframe:

  • Expertise: SHYFT formed a dedicated team with deep domain expertise and the ability to craft relevant analytics by role/function across the organization.
  • Decision Support: Through expert integration of RWE data with other healthcare data across multiple channels, the SHYFT platform augmented primary market research, improved forecasting and increased launch success rates by patient segmentation identification.  The solution also provided commercial teams with patient segmentation intelligence to inform decisions.
  • Time to Market: The SHYFT solution allowed the customer to adjust messaging and geographic resource allocation in real time, accelerate market access submissions and decrease clinical trial design and execution time.
  • IT Independence: Cloud-powered platform solution, configured to the unique business requirements. SHYFT delivers on time and on budget, without consuming valuable IT resources.

Results with Impact

The integration of RWE data and the resulting actionable analytics broadened the adoption of RWE across the clinical-commercial continuum.  The speed and access to patient-centric analytics and insights was vastly improved allowing the customer to more effectively react to market dynamics.  The customer maximized the return on their $20M annual data investment and they gained a competitive advantage as a first mover with RWE data.