Medidata Design Optimizer Copy

Medidata Design Optimizer

Take a data-driven approach to protocol design.

Your trial design determines trial success. Design decisions that are not based on objective benchmark data may cause negative downstream effects on your trial.   So, don’t put your trial at risk. Integrate a data-driven strategy to optimize your study design and your trial performance.  Medidata Design Optimizer is a data- driven solution that streamlines study design, reducing inefficiencies and site/patient burden. It has unique benchmark data and analytics that ensures a lean and objective study that meets clinical and statistical outcomes while minimizing cost, complexity, and the site/patient burden.

Support a patient- and site-centric approach to protocol development.

Why Medidata Design Optimizer?

Improve Line of Sight

Gain early insight and fast decision making

Data Driven Strategy for Optimized Study Design

Leverage data benchmarks to ensure a lean protocol

Patient-Centric Approach

Measure study complexity along with site and patient burden

Minimize Costs

Gain early visibility into procedural costs

Watch the demo to see how Medidata Design Optimizer is a data-driven strategy for optimized study design.