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Solutions for All Phases of the Commercial Drug Lifecycle

Medidata Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions provides commercial pharmaceutical organizations with the data management and insights needed to maximize brand success. As companies plan and execute on their launch strategies, they require trusted partners that can deliver technology and expert resources that enable success at all phases of the commercial drug lifecycle.

Commercial Data Management and Insights

Finding Patients

Identify patients at the HCP level using: Claims, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Clinical Trial Data, and Genomics. Analysis of closed claims yields the patient journey. Apply the treatment journey to HCP-identified data to stratify opportunity by patient. Segment HCPs and use differentiated messaging. Optimize call planning and frequency using AI.

Initiating Therapy

Remove barriers to treatment with near-real-time script tracking using: Specialty data, Claims, EMR, and patient services data. Deploy triggers that identify barriers to access and opportunities for physician and HCP engagement. Mitigate patient out-of-pocket costs through patient services data integration.

Maximizing Medication Adherence

Maximize medication adherence with a data-centric approach using: Claims, EMR, wearables, and clinical trial data. Use predictive modelling to mitigate adverse events through targeted messaging for Sales teams and MSLs at the HCP level. Identify risk factors by physician sediment for proactive outreach. Enable patients to take charge and give manufacturers more data through Direct-to-Patient applications (e.g. smartphone and wearables).

Maximizing Market Potential

Maximize your market potential during pre-launch commercial activities using: Payer/plan hierarchies, specialty data, and bridged Rx/units data. Initiate your commercial data strategy earlier to help facilitate market access conversations. Use payer analytics to understand patient access and prepare for payer negotiations using real-world evidence (RWE), health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and market access insights.

Data Strategy for Launch Success

The early stages of a commercial launch are fraught with pivotal decisions, often made by lean teams with limited data. Acorn AI provides our customers with the infrastructure and expertise needed to acquire and analyze the right commercial data to answer key questions in the months leading up to a launch.

Key Features

01 STRATA Commercial Data Management Platform
STRATA Commercial Data Management Platform

STRATA Commercial Data Management Platform

Acorn AI’s STRATA data platform enables commercial data to be aggregated, integrated and analyzed to find answers to vital business questions. The solution offers enterprise-grade scalability and analytical horsepower designed to create insights for companies without sacrificing the control and flexibility of a custom-built solution.

02 LUMEN Insights
LUMEN Insights: Data Visualization That Accelerates Time to Peak Performance

LUMEN Insights: Data Visualization That Accelerates Time to Peak Performance

LUMEN Insights offers a turnkey solution for data visualization across the enterprise. Find accurate answers to critical questions using our vast library of report templates. The Medidata Acorn AI Commercial Data Solutions team designed the templates to provide the most relevant metrics and visualizations for key business questions, based on more than 15 years of experience and partnerships with industry-leading data providers.

03 Specialty Data Aggregation
Specialty Data Aggregation

Specialty Data Aggregation

The last decade has seen an explosion in the volume of patient-level data available to specialty therapy manufacturers. Drug makers have responded by building innovative tools and strategies to leverage that data to reach peak year sales faster. Acorn AI specializes in the aggregation of specialty pharmacy, specialty distributor, and patient services data and providing our customers with insights that drive commercial success.

04 Commercial Master Data Management
Commercial Master Data Management

Commercial Master Data Management

A robust enterprise linkage of all customer, affiliation, payer, product, services, and patient master records that ensures accuracy, stewardship, and consistency across all users and use cases.

05 Acorn AI’s Commercial Data Model
Acorn AI’s Commercial Data Model

Acorn AI’s Commercial Data Model

Commercial organizations must be ready to pivot on the fly in response to rapidly changing market and regulatory conditions. Acorn AI has developed an out-of-the-box data model that is robust, flexible, and scalable. Acorn AI’s commercial data model provides our customers with the data-driven insights required to respond to changing landscapes and which also works seamlessly with a variety of business intelligence tools.

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Integrated Evidence

Integrated Evidence

Medidata Acorn AI Integrated Evidence connects historical data from more than 23,000 cross-sponsor clinical trials and 7 million patient volunteers with real world data to deliver powerful insights and the necessary evidence clinical development leaders need to increase the probability of trial success.

Intelligent Trials

Intelligent Trials

Medidata Acorn AI Intelligent Trials brings AI enabled technology, partnered with advanced analytics, to meet the challenges of this ever changing landscape.

Connected Patient Platform

Connected Patient Platform

Connect the new digital health data ecosystem and enable collaboration and precision in patient care with the Medidata Acorn AI Connected Patient Platform.


Case Study

Biotech switches to Acorn AI for data quality

This biotech company recently introduced a biosimilar that helps prevent infections in people undergoing chemotherapy. It sells to healthcare providers, including inpatient and outpatient departments, hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and group purchasing organizations (GPOs). That makes for a complex account hierarchy—a challenge the company struggled to master during its first year of commercialization.

Case Study

Drive sales performance and increase revenue

Sales representatives at a global pharmaceutical company faced several recent growth challenges. The company maintains a team of 1,000 U.S.-based representatives and managers who promote a catalog of 17 leading brands across multiple mass-market and specialty therapeutic categories. However, data available to sales representatives was frequently siloed between multiple systems or kept on spreadsheets on local devices.


Maximize Brand Value with a Technology-First Approach

This ebook focuses on how data and analytics can be incorporated into your commercialization strategy to gain competitive advantage, create differentiation, and achieve commercial success.

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