Commercial Data Strategy for Launch Success

The early stages of a commercial launch are fraught with pivotal decisions, often made by lean teams with limited data. Acorn AI provides our customers with the infrastructure and expertise needed to acquire and analyze the right commercial data to answer key questions in the months leading up to a launch.

Data Strategy

Commercial Data Due Diligence and a Trusted Partner

Acorn AI’s data philosophy centers around getting the most appropriate data source to meet the specific needs of each brand we support. Our data agnostic approach means we have no limitations to the data that may be incorporated or used together. Our expertise and experience with specialty distributors and pharmacies, patient services, sales and marketing CRMs,  allows us to make unbiased recommendations to our customers.

Data and Systems Strategy for Commercial Launch Readiness

By “working backwards” from the insights and analytics required for launch, Acorn AI devises a plan that ensures our customers will have the information needed by field sales, market access, executive, and trade teams on Day 1 of launch.

Find Patients. Initiate Therapy. Maximize Adherence

See how our end-to-end commercial data management solution enables the use of real-world data to help find patients. Segment HCPs for differentiated messaging and use near-real-time script tracking, RWE, and HEOR to inform payer negotiations that help initiate therapy. Ensure proper tokenization to connect longitudinal patient data. Use predictive modelling for AE mitigation for proactive outreach to maximize patient adherence.

Key Features

01 Commercial Launch Strategy
Commercial Launch Strategy

Commercial Launch Strategy

When preparing for a drug launch, pivotal decisions regarding data, systems, and partners are made at breakneck speed. Those decisions act as the foundation for the commercial data management and analytical capabilities for the organization throughout launch. Acorn AI designs a commercial launch strategy to guide our customers through key decisions and ensures they will have the data and insights needed to support their drug launch.

02 Commercial Data Procurement
Commercial Data Procurement

Commercial Data Procurement

Finding the answers to challenging questions requires a combination of the right methods and the right data. Our data-agnostic approach and years of industry experience and partnerships with innovative, industry-leading data providers, allow Acorn AI to match customers’ key questions to the most relevant data.

03 Distribution Network Best Practices
Distribution Network Best Practices

Distribution Network Best Practices

As our customers prepare to launch a drug, Acorn AI experts provide support and recommendations to define their distribution networks. We negotiate service-level agreements that guarantee timely delivery of data and quality standards, standardize data feeds for efficient delivery of data, and ensure compliant de-identification of patient data.

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Integrated Evidence

Medidata Acorn AI Integrated Evidence connects historical data from more than 23,000 cross-sponsor clinical trials and 7 million patient volunteers with real world data to deliver powerful insights and the necessary evidence clinical development leaders need to increase the probability of trial success.

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Case Study

Response to market shift enabled by Acorn AI

Known for groundbreaking cancer therapies, this emerging pharma company was developing a new enzyme-blocking oncology therapy for a specific type of cancer with the potential to serve a large patient population. The therapy represented an opportunity to be quick to market and help more patients.

Case Study

Acorn AI Supports Rare Disease Launch

This biopharmaceutical company develops treatments for small populations of patients dealing with rare and ultra-rare diseases. Given the company’s commitment to serving such targeted populations, significant investments must be made to understand prescriber and patient trends. 

White Paper

Acorn AIs Commercial Data Model

Acorn AI’s Commercial Data Model (CDM) is designed around life sciences with key elements such as distribution, reimbursement, patient journey, dosing and administration, and sales and marketing promotional activities built in. Acorn AI designed a platform that is both flexible and component-based. Customers can select individual components that meet their specific needs. Even companies with mature products can use the CDM to map their data and open new lines of inquiry.


6 Critical Factors for a Successful Commercial Launch Strategy

After your company has invested years and significant resources in R&D and clinical development, the next—and possibly the most important—step is your commercial drug launch. To give your investment the best chance of success, you need to plan a commercial drug launch strategy that ensures you’re positioned the best way possible in the market, so your therapy reaches the patients who need it.

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