Commercial Data Solutions

Medidata AI Commercial Data Solutions provides pharmaceutical and biotech organizations with the commercial data management and analytics tools needed to maximize brand success. As companies plan and execute on their drug launch strategies, they require trusted partners that can deliver technology and expert resources that enable success at all phases of the commercial drug lifecycle.

Benefits of Commercial Data Solutions

Speed to Insights

Understand the product life cycle faster, instead of waiting days for actionable data, provide executive leadership, office employees, and field sales reps with same-day insights, allowing them to pursue new opportunities and ensure constant, purposeful engagement with providers.

Data Quality

Thanks to Medidata AI’s intensive specialization in the life sciences industry, it has developed a Commercial Data Model that sets the industry standard for validation checks and applies them at both the field and the file level to clean data. This allows for full visibility into commercial operations and gives clients the ability to analyze market share, identify target accounts, and better understand customers.

Deeper Patient Insights

Gain deeper insights into data and understand activities impacting prescribing patterns, authorizations, and treatment utilization.

Time to Value

On day 1 of the launch see which patients were trying to enroll in your therapy, which are investigating benefits coverage, and which payers might be denying coverage.

Technology First Approach

The most successful organizations are now using a technology-first approach when it comes to drug commercialization, focusing more on data and analytics to drive strategic planning and tactical execution across commercial teams, improving efficiency and effectiveness across sales, marketing, and market access.

Drug Commercialization Solutions

Commercial Analytics

Commercial Analytics

No matter where you are in the product life cycle, Medidata AI Commercial Data Solutions has the advanced analytics experience and methodology to provide the rapid insights needed to keep your business moving forward.

Launch Solutions

Launch Solutions

At the core of planning and executing a successful commercial launch strategy is having the right data and insights to effectively plan, execute, and adapt quickly to what’s happening in the market. But even having access to the right data is not enough. Companies need access to best-in-class technologies and expertise to quickly and accurately pull together disparate data sources into a single comprehensive data asset.

Specialty Data Management & Analytics

Specialty Pharmacy Data Aggregation

The last decade has seen an explosion in the volume of patient-level data available to specialty therapy manufacturers. Drug makers have responded by building innovative tools and strategies to leverage that data to reach peak year sales faster. Medidata AI specializes in the aggregation of specialty pharmacy, specialty distributor, and patient services data and providing our customers with insights that drive commercial success.

Commercial Data Management

Commercial Data Management

Our configurable, out-of-box commercial data management solution aggregates, integrates, and analyzes data to find answers to vital business questions. The solution offers enterprise-grade scalability and analytical horsepower designed to create insights for companies without sacrificing the control and flexibility of a custom-built solution. This flexibility enables manufacturers to launch better and reach peak sales faster – all with less risk.


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